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Am I a bad daughter?


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O.K, I have been planning to refeed on May 5th so I can enjoy my Dads 6Oth birthday on the 9th. He is only planning a quiet meal in my house (he wants to cook us all a seafood meal, don't know why but he really wants to cook it!) with a few drinks. I really want to stay on the diet though and refeed the following week ready for my holiday. I know its only an extra week on the diet but now I'm in the swing of it I want to do it for as long as possible for my holiday. I will still partake in the celebrations but I just wont be eating, wasn't going to drink anyway. I thought I could take him out for an extra celebration meal then after my hol. Do I sound selfish?
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im shour yer dad will understand i wouldnt worry he will only want the best for you and losing weight is a good thing if yer over weight


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Thanks. Plus it doesn't mean that I wont be celebrating with him, just wont be eating or drinking! Hope he understands anyway.


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Yes I'm sure he will understand...after all, there'll be plenty of time to celebrate when your at goal!


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yeh dont worry to much ive bin out for my mates birthday last week and im goin out 2moro for a 21st all me mates understand i aint drinkin and its my birthday soon an me family understand i wont have a drink they just want whats best for me so im shour yer freinds and family will be the same


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Yeah thats what I thought. Thanks for the support. I am so addicted to this site. Was just about to go to bed, but I just love being on here so much, its such a help. 10 more mins....!
I was exactly the same when I first started lipotrim, I was on here every spare moment. Now refeeding and still on here all the time. I am nights tonight though, I am not usually on at this time lol.


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Do I sound selfish? like it lol
you know you have to go with what you want , just say to him , dad i won't be eating .... but later you will take him out , as you don't want to stray off this diet yet .


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i think he will be proud of you for standing your ground and making the right choices xx


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If your father knows you are dieting for your health and you are feeling better for it, then he would certainly understand. there may be others who dont, but it is your dads feelings that count right now(and yours too). since you are in the right frame of mind to carry on another while before your holidays then use that opportunity, even if it just an extra week. This is part of LT too, your mind-set. good luck and Happy b-day to dad!!

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