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Am i actually on a diet??

Today i am ridiculously motivated and happy which is weird because yesterday I was stressed out because my cooker at home broke and couldnt cook ahead for lunches at work so had to think on my feet as couldnt make and freeze lasagne etc to take in and heat up but i managed with a quick trip to Asda and God im stuffed!!

I just had Jacket spud with tonnes of sweetcorn and a HEx of of Tuna (i had to clean the microwave twice before i could use it which is the only thing thats annoyed me today grrr scruffy colleagues!) followed by a HUGE fruit salad made up of pineapple, 2 types of melon, strawberries, kiwi fruit, apple, orange and a banana and a plum for good measure

For anyone new to slimming world seriously stick with it you need never feel hungry I have just eaten enough to feed a small army! and rather randomly still have a lettuce tomato and cucumber salad in the fridge if i get the munchies!

spring is here and fruit is getting cheaper on the market again so nice healthy food is getting cheaper! I got 2 melons on Bolton market on saturday for £1! who needs biccies and choccie!
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Wow... listen to you! I can feel the energy and enthusiam buzzing away there! Well done you! And thanks for the motivational boost! :)
Thanks hon.. i am after a very few shaky weeks of STS back on track and ridiculously motivated ( i think Mr G has slipped something in my tea lol)

the peeps in work just didnt get it so I had a little spout on here hoping someone would kinda get where im coming from i have been feeling cack for weeks because I wasnt motivated and have been only half heartedly sticking to the plan luckily managing to STS.

Now I am motivated work peeps just want to drag me down again and encourage me to eat junk as per usual ... they moan about having 2 or 3 lbs to lose not 8 or 9 stones so i can see why to them motivation and sticking 100% to a diet isnt a big deal but it is to me i need lots of motivation for roughly the next two or so years! im impressed with myself that even though I could have said aaaaah s*d it no cooker That means I have to eat whatever is going at work which is usually cakes n crisps I got off my butt and sorted myself out with a packed lunch which was proper tasty healthy and more importantly filling food

This time last year I would have been over in greggs buying a pasty and a donut for afters then at the vending machine an hour later still starving buying choccie and crisps if I say so myself I have come a long way !
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lol!! Minders is right...your positivity is screaming out of my screen!! Good on ya!!! :D


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Thank you so much for posting! I had a particularly weak-willed day at work when doughnuts were bought and am feeling really really annoyed with myself. Grr! Your positivity has given me the kick up the bum that I need to get back on track for the rest of the week!


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Ohhh your ozzzing enthusiasm and motivation.

Mrs V

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Keep this up Huni and you will get to target way before you think!!!


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Wow, such enthusiasm!! Long may it continue - it's inspiring! Good luck with the rest of your journey - it's not really a diet is it!!!

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