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am I doin it wrong?

Hi guys, today is day 15 have done mostly ss but last few days have done ss+ by having either tuna or cottage cheese with celery cucumber and balsamic vinegar. I think I've had more than the weights allowed but haven't always had three shakes. I lost 13lb on official wi after ten days and have next wi on sat which will be 17 days and I haven't really lost anymore weight, maybe a pound. Is this normal for second week or is it me doin it wrong? Xx
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the 2nd week does tend to be a smaller loss BUT sounds like it may be more to do with the fact you havent been having all your shakes . The food you have been having wont have much effect but you still have to have all 3 shakes or your body will panic and hang onto the excess . Really not a good idea hun x
Ok will have all shakes, so even if I have more tuna or cott cheese than the weights it shouldn't be too bad? Really enjoying ny salads but want to lose weight quickly!! Drinkin lots water. May need to ss till sat....! Thanks x
you need all your shakes whatever you eat and as long as you are not having a ton of tuna and cottage cheese you should be fine , what sort of quantities are you talking about ? your losses may be a little slower as you may be closer to the 810 plan rather than SS+ and the average losses are 12 lb a month
Well tuna drained is 130g and had 2 tins, the ss+ is 180g. Cottage cheese low fat allowance is weight of one tub and yday I had 2 :( not measured cucumber or celery but prob bout 1/4 to 1/2 cucumber n bout 2-4 sticks celery..... is this bad?? :( x
Ps cottage cheese was one day and tuna another. Not both on same day x
sorry l cant comment on the food end of things as lm doing 100% SS, but l do know you need all your packs regardless of what foods consumed hope this helps :)

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