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Am i doing something wrong????

:confused: :mad: :sigh: :cry: Hey every1, these's faces are because this is how i feel......

I have been on Atkins for nearly a week, thought i was doing really well and coping ok.....but the scales tell me a different story.....i not loosing?? im staying the same, i know i shouldnt be weighing myself all the time but i cant help it and wanna c the scales come down!!!:mad:

I thought on ur 1st week u should loose quiet abit of weight?
Maybe im eating 2 many carbs?? i write everythin down but sister reckon i may be going over??

I got ketosis sticks and im in the purple stage but not the darkest one....so maybe i am eating 2many that i dont no about??
I am due on so maybe this as something to do with it??
I trying 2 drink the water i get through about 3 500ml bottles.

I really wanted 2 stick 2 this diet but if the weight isnt coming off i no i will fale :cry:which is gutting cause its my birthday in 3weeks and there was a dress i wanted 2 get back into 4 my birthday night out!

If any1 has any ideas on where i going wrong.....help is needed!!!

Cheers xx
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If the sticks are pink/purple it means you are in ketosis, regardless of whether they are dark or not - the colour depends on the amount of water you've drunk. Try to sip your water throughout the day rather than drink a bottle at a time
Weigh your food until you're more confident to estimate so that you know the carbs exactly. If it's your TOTM then that probably accounts for a few lbs of water weight
Finally, stick with it - if you consider that you've failed then what's the option? Eat everything in sight? That dress definitely won't fit then.
Finally, finally, get someone to hide the scales for a week or so, don't let your mood be dictated by the numbers on the dial
Good luck xxx
As said earlier sis:-
1. a cup is a small coffe cup (like you get in bhs) not the coffe mugs you have in your house.
2. too many pork scratchings with the high salt may be causing you to retain water and if its TOTM this wont help.
3. Everything except pure meat & fish has carbs in it so you must count everything.
4. Weigh everything over the next few days so you know how much to have going forward.
5. Drink your water - this will help you loads.
Thanks boardwitless, i will do everything u say including hiding the scales hehe.
Your very right if i come off it i defo got no chance of getting back in dress....i will stick at it!!

Ta sis, i will av 2 buy a cup instead of my mugs hehe xx

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Please don't feel down about this - you still have time and the scales are evil ;) Take your measurements now (or in the morning before you've eaten) and that'll help if the scales dont. I measure my bust (cup and band), waist, hips, upper arms and thighs - sometimes you'll find you lose inches instead of weight.

Also, Maybe try to have a bit more water - I think you should be aiming for 2 litres and it sounds like you're doing about a litre and a half?

Good luck, stick with it!:)
Thanks, i no the scales r very EVIL!!! hehe, im hoping that by wed's i have lost something i will let u all no weather i have or not 'i go 2 boots 2 weigh myself and get my BMI off the scales there2'.....i will drink loads a water tomo....its my mission!! hehe. xx

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Every ounce is bounce
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Get yourself a tape measure while you're there and a little diary/notebook. I found it really helpful to make notes of how i felt, or any changes i noticed - i even kept a note of compliments i got, which helped if i was having a bad week! (Didn't stop me cheating and now i have to start again! oops!)

Hope it goes well, will look forward to seeing your result.
I never even thought about measuring myself....thanks hun, i defo will in the morning! Good idea about a notepad2....always good 2 look back at weeks you had good and how u were feeling!

I will let u no wed's.....lets hope its a loss and not a gain or ill cry hehe. xx


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All of the above and post what you're eating on a daily basis, then we can critique your eating for you. :)


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I dont tend to go by cups ref the veg / salad i go by the bag!


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Hi Elizaa, same comments to you then love, post what you are eating and we'll all jump in and help love.
I no its so dis heartening isnt it! and the worst part 4 me is i been on the diet 4 a week and sister as been on it 4 3days and lost 8pound already:mad:arrrhhhh!!!!
I am trying my best and i not weighing myself till friday now, so ill see what the sacles say then.....if nothing i need 2 rethink a diet.....as birthday is in 2half weeks and i no i gonna feel like a big fatty :cry: xx


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Aww Princess dont give up - see my losses below its not been quick for me. depends on how much you have to lose aswell xxx
Don't rely on the ketostix, the official atkins site now discourages people from using them at all!

This is because the darkest purple usually indicates some level of dehydration. This is common and means, yes, drink more water/fluids!

Many register pink and lose nothing, others register no change on the stix and lose weight. They are unreliable at best.

Good luck hun and stick with it!
Oh i know vicky, but im one of these people who has 2 see results and fast haha, i went on slimming world not long ago and lost 5half pound 1st week and 2half the next which was great! but thought i wud try atkins as it sound a great diet and great results....but i will make a choice on fri when i see the scales hehe. xx


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I must admit im the same and when i was not losing or put on it does demotivate you. Have you tried adding a bit of exercise? not muscle building but walking?? its helped me the last week!!! AND im a serial weigher. at least 3 times a day for me LOL

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