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Am I doing the right thing??

Hi everyone, Im on week 4 of LL, having lost 2 stone:D , my main concern is my LLC.From my very first imformation visit things have gone wrong, I later found out it was a class member who took the imformation class, LLC has been turning up late to class if at all,no councelling session,and running out of food packs is a regular occurance.
Tonight has done it for me, I arrived to class, weighed and went to get my food packs and was told what food I was having,there was only 21 packs left and 7 bars.Lucky for me they were ones I liked, I asked why there was no choice and she told me this was all she had left.I travel a 80 mile round trip to class each week and it takes me the best part of 2 hours.
I have come home tonight and have contacted a cambridge diet councellor, who was lovely, we are meeting up next week with her to have a chat, have I made a mistake:sigh: by doing this??
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Hi Bumpy- god I really feel for you, that is totally unacceptable behaviour from your LLC- you should complain to LL about it! All that money you've paid and to get treated like dirt! I know you struggled to find an LLC near to you, so if you want to continue with support it sounds like CD is your best option- the diets and calories are very similar and of course CD is cheaper (I am doing LL, so not trying to sell it to you). The alternative is to go it alone, buying the shakes off ebay, but they are going for even more than we pay for them now on there- and that is without the counselling. I think you probably have done the right thing to make an approach to CD- and from what everyone says the flavours are much better than LL!!
:hug99: to help you get over your bad experience


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Cambridge and LL are both VLCD's that use food replacement packs. There are lots of differences, but the diet is almost the same. If you are not getting good service, counselling and paying so much more then you should definately leave your current LLC. I started on LL - as many on here did - and have nothing but praise for it. However because of cost, flavour choices and personally not benefiting from the CBT, I changed very successfully to CD.

Are there any other LLC in your area??? Do you need CBT?? Go and see your CDC with an open mind and see what you think. Good luck either way - we should not have bad CDC's or LLC's, they let down the good CDC's and LLC's.
I have only had one class of CBT in the 4 weeks,this lasted for 3/4 hour.Its been a case of weighing, collecting my food and go!
Kind of defeats the object of paying double for the CBT & TA then eh!! I would have a chat with LL H/O see what they say; she is contracted to give a certain level of service & its clear she isnt! As for a class member leading the group - that really is gobsmackingly appalling! Is there another LLC you could get to?


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I agree with what's been said, I do think you should contact the HO as they should know what is happening, there are a lot of people out there who are not being given the right service for what they are paying.

If you're managing to do LL without the counselling which it seems you are then I don't think you're doing the wrong thing by going to CD. Only you know whether you feel you can do it without counselling - though you could do cd and have less regular 1:1 counselling sessions.

Good luck whichever you choose and please keep us posted.

The class I attend is the closest to me, there is a real shortage in my area.I have previously spoke to LLHO and they were really helpful.I have had a follow up call from them weekly and each time I have voiced my concerns.They have said that I am not the only who is having problems with her, they assure me they have spoken to her and also had her up to head office.I feel for the other member as they are also in the same boat as me, how can a LLC be alloed to run a class this way.I feel this is the best way to go as I am still really focused on the whole VLCD.
I have done LL and the LLC always had loads of choices of packs. Sounds like she is running her stock really low. I agree with what has been said I would mention to HO. This is not what we pay for. The £66 we pay is for the ffod packs but also mainly for the CBT. If you are not getting a weekly session of 3/4 hr to 1 1/2 hrs you are not getting the treatment you are paying for.

Are you the only person on the foundation class?


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The fact that you are paying for a service that you are not getting is not on, I would definately report this. If you cannot find another LLC in your locality then maybe a different VLCD would be the next best option. Good luck with whatever you choose to do, we will help you along the way.
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It does seem that its a bit of a lottery where LL counsellors are concerned. They all seem to operate differently from what I can gather from this site. But I definately think you are being short changed, and a move would seem the sensible thing as the only reason you pay more for LL is the counselling and if you are not getting it ditch her, she dosent deserve the money so why give it to her?
Good Luck with Cd and please keep us posted with on you get on with it.


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Hia Bumpy,

Sorry you haven't been able to resolve this problem. If you move to CD you can always go and see a CBT counsellor privately. It won't be the same as LL group counselling, but to be honest, you haven't had much of that anyway.

Whatever happens, keep coming here to Minis and we'll all help and support you as much as you want ... for free!:D


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I am so sorry to hear that you seem to have an llc who just doesnt appear to care about her clients. I would def report her to Lighter Life, she seems to be taking your money fraudulently.

My LLC is fantastic, always loads of boxes of food packs, so no running out, a full 1.5 hours counselling each session, very very helpful anp approachable and always really interested in all of us. She is brilliant and that is why I am happy to pay the £66 a week. I feel the packs are almost incidental in my weight loss as hr counselling is really helping my head get sorted. I assumed they were all like this, as all had the same training, but sadly it appears not.

I really hope you get this sorted and have a successful conclusion that suits you.

Best of luck!

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