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Am I doing too much exercise

Hi all

In the last three days, I have been to the gym every day.

I do twenty minutes on the bike burning around 98 cals and then twenty minutes on the step machine, burning around 112 cals. I then do about fifty sit-ups but thats it, no weights etc to put on muscle.

I know someone suggested no exercise in an earlier thread but surely, some exercise will help burn of some more cals leading to a better weight loss? Whats the general opinion?

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Hey there!
Well I am not really sure as I think if that is the case I am doing too much as I run and burn around 150cals then go on a bike and do 150cals i walk to work and back even on my lunch break which is rougily 10mins each way and I do sit ups for 30mins or slendertone xxxx
Because you are on a very low calorie diet, the only calories you are taking are just enough to keep from starving. If you exercise too much, you will use these calories during exercise, you won't have enough to sustain your body and it will go into famine mode thereby "hanging on" to excess fat and preventing weight loss.

Of course, I'm not an expert on exercise (duh!) and someone else may tell you differently, but I have read this on another thread in the forum. I will try and locate it.
Hey guys

I have been exercising all the way through Lipotrim and I feel that exercise helped as it toned me up. Exercise does not help with weight loss on lipotrim but what it does do is tone you up and prepare you for when you start your refeed. The better toned your muscles are the more calories are needed to keep it fueled however your calorie intake is so low it doesnt make a huge amount of difference at the moment. When you are refeeding and eating again you will find that the exercise will have helped you to maintain your weight and possibly lose some more.

I have been told this by my Gym instructor and Lipotrim.
Sorry had to submit mid post as boss was coming.

Lipotrim told me that unless I was burning 3500 calories a week it was not going to make much difference. Burining that amount of calories is the equivalent of running a marathon(apparantley)

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