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Am I eating enough

Week 2 has been fine not missing food at all

Some days i am only having one shake and a small meal in the evening i am worried that i may not be having enough is it ok to do this i am drinking all of the water and i have learnt to only have a shake or soup if i am hungry

Getting weighed again tomorrow, clothes are getting loser already which makes me feel better already
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You really should be having 3 shakes aday, you are not getting all the vitimins and nutrients from having just 1 pack.
You will still have a good weight loss with the 3 packs, please dont try and cut these out. Talk to your CDC and im sure they would advise you not to miss out on packs.
I think if you are on one of the programmes like 790/810 where you can have a meal, you still need to have the 3 shakes per day or you will not be getting enough nutrition and will end up going into starvation mode which is not good for long term weight loss or your health....

Its very important not to miss the packs
Hottie, there is another thread which may have been a duplicate, I seen your replies on there, you are not going mad ;)


MUST get a grip
What you could find over a short period of time is that due to lack of nutrients, vitamins & minerals you start to suffer side effects so whilst you may have 'dramatic' results initially these will come at a price.

Have your packs, you could use a soup pack to pour over chicken as a sauce so you are eating meal and pack together....



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........as other above have said.

Want to emphasis that you'll lose weight quicker drinking all the shakes. Honest.


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lol i found it in another post thanx hedgehog xxx i found in week 3 i only had one tetra per day and had a 1 pound loss that week.. the next week however i had all my packs and loss 5 and have been averaging 4lbs weekly since hope this helps xxx

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