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Am I food obsessive?


Lover of Extra Easy
Ever since I rejoined SW I have tried to stick to it 100%. I have had a few flexi days and on the odd occasion have had a little more than my syn allocation for the week. This could be responsible for my slow weight loss, but I am happy with that.
I have, also however, given up bread, chocs, sweets and cakes (with exception of SW ones)
I always decline any offers of cakes and chocs at work as I really don't want them.
As I don't eat breakfast, I take muller lights and fruit to work, which I eat as my breakfast. I pack loads of them plus Hexs which are either dried apricots, laughing cows or baby bells. These keep me munching until lunch.
This week, for lunch I have had a flask of soup, low fat cottage cheese, and 2 fat free Activias.
In the afternoon I munch on more fruit.
For my dinner I have had more soup.
One of ladies I work with, a really lovely person, stated she is concerned with my obsession with food!
She asked me what I was eating tonight.
I said soup, and perhaps an omelette, if I am still hungry, as I am trying to shift my weight and reach my target before the end of the year.
She said she was really worried for two reasons. One, being that I am not getting enough nutrition, and two, that when I get to my target I will shift it so I lose more.
I have my Hexs, 10-15 syns a day, lots of fruit and am never hungry.
I think that I am eating healthily and am really determined but could this be classed as obsessive?
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Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I think everyone who starts SW becomes a little bit (or a lot!) obsessive to some degree!
When I first started doing it I lived, shopped, ate, drank and dreamt about food! There wasn't a single minute I wasn't wondering what to eat next or what I needed to cook or buy!
As long as you're getting a good variety I don't get why your friend/colleague worries about your nutrition? Surely it's better than before???? If you're happy and losing then I don't see the problem!


Lover of Extra Easy
I am not new to it. I have been doing it, this time round, for over 5 months, and on and off (more off, sadly, but targeted twice) for the last seven years. I am, this time, as enthusiastic as I was from day one!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Yup - me too - I've been doing it for 6 years!


Lover of Extra Easy
SW is great, so many of us come back.
I am not going to worry too much about what is said, as long as I know I am eating ok, and I am losing, that's fine!
She said she was really worried for two reasons. One, being that I am not getting enough nutrition, and two, that when I get to my target I will shift it so I lose more.
1) You know loads about nutrition and you're all grown-up, so she need not worry.

2) Is she related to Derren Brown at all? How can she possibly know that you'll shift your target?

Her attempts at kindness may be well meant but she needs to get off your back. Don't listen to her, listen to what you know is best for yourself. Being overweight is so much the "norm" these days that people have a twisted impression of what is a "healthy" size to be.

Good for you that you know what you want and stick to it. Keep up the good work. :D


Lover of Extra Easy
Thank you Scarlet Daisy!
I will continue as I am for now, as I really want to target by the end of the year if I can. If not, that's ok too as I will get there.
Next time she offers advice, I'll just thank her but tell her I am just fine. ;)
Sounds like your work colleague is a bit envious of your self-control, organisation and healthy lifestyle! You know you are doing what is best for you so just keep on doing the right things, and try to ignore as much as possible of what non-SW people say, as even we don't 100% understand how it all works (we just know it does, and that is good enough!) x


I see the light!
I think you have to do with whatever works for you! I like to be quite strict on myself, because I am a binger, if I allow myself to pick slightly then I am more than likely gunna go through the cupboards like a tazmanian devil! You are doing fab!
I completely agree with what has already been said. You are following the plan and are on course for good losses.

It always amazes me - no one tells us we are putting on weight, but they all love to tell us when to stop dieting/following a plan!

Stay healthy, stay balanced and stay in control!

Good luck for your end of year target xx
I honestly don't think your obsessive at all....if only i was like you!!

All i can say is that you just need to make sure your eating different foods as opposed to eating the same, obviously i don't know if you are but that could be 1 reason that you have slow losses too.

AND looking at your target its almost the same as mine and even now im thinking i might want to move it by 7lb and i dont start the diet till monday!! lol xx


Lover of Extra Easy
Snugglepuss, thank you.
I do eat different foods all the time. I have to as I get bored if I eat too much of the same thing.
I do have, however, have 10 to 15 syns every day. Sometimes a little more, hoping the minus 15 will make up for them. I think is I cut back to 10 or less it would do it, but I will only try that when my weight loss is at a total stand still.
I have always been a slow loser on SW even when doing red and green. That used to upset me. I don't mind too much now as EE is so easy but I just want to try to target by the end of the year if I can.
At the moment I am still doing soup and really love it in this weather so am going to continue until I am tired of them or the scales stand still, whichever comes first!


I want to be fitter again
Hi the only thing I would add is that there isn't much carbohydrate in your day which is good for regulating blood sugar. SW is about adopting a sustainable diet and i am wondering how long you can sustain this without eating "proper" meals. (just a thought lol)


Lover of Extra Easy
Thanks for the advice Brightonrose.
You are correct. There is not a lot of carbo in the diet though I do add potato or rice in most of the soups.
I don't think of this as long term. Just until I don't feel like soup any more.
However, if the scales are not kind to me this week I will stop and get back to EE full time!
lentils or beans will do the same and really make georgous soups xx
Yeah I can't eat potatos or rye or wheat so have to be inventive! LOL

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