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Am I pregnant?


I should have started my period on Wednesday but it hasn't started yet although I have been getting cramps as if I was on my period. I am now almost 5 days late. I am on thhe pill and I am supposed to start taking it again today. I was really worried about being pregnant because I don't think that me and my OH are in the financial position to have a baby but I got used to the idea. I was actually happy!
I did a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. I cannot believe how much I cried! I am so upset about this now and I am very disappointed.
My period runs like clockwork but I just don't know why it hasn't started. Do you think the test could be wrong?
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When I did slimming world 11 years ago, my monthlies went haywire. I think I ended up going 6 months without a period at all. (loved it LOL). Maybe you should call at the Dr's and ask for a blood test before you start taking your pill again?

If it's any consolation, my number 1 daughter was a 'pill' baby. I caught for her while taking the pill, carried on taking it not knowing I was pregnant and it was only when I was about 4 months pregnant and so very tired that my mum took me to the Drs. (I was only 16 at the time). She was born very healthy and 23 years later is still just as healthy.

I hope you get an answer soon to rest your mind xx hugs xx
This happened to me last month, although I am not on the pill. I was only 3 days late, but am regular as clockwork. I was convinced I was pregnant, I even felt different, and remember people telling me that when you're pregnant and miss your first period, you feel like you are about to have a really nasty one! :cry:

I did a test on the morning of day 3 and it was negative. Have to admit we had both come round to the idea and were really excited. Period came that night, typical! But I was doing JUDDD at the time, and had quite a busy stressful few weeks with both parents ill etc. I didn't feel stressed at all, but I suppose sometimes it all adds up and comes to a head now and again. See what happens next month, and then see a Doc if you're not back to normal.

It has made us think though, and now we're hoping it happens for real! By the way, I did a test 5 days later, just to make sure, and that too was negative. Back to normal this month :sigh:


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i dont know if this is what you want to hear or not mate...

but a preganancy test did not show as positive at all till i was 3 months pregnant with my daughter (not even a doctors!!) :eek:
I would test again in a few days - it isn't uncommon for periods to go awol when losing weight - hormonal changes in the body take place as you lose weight but like the other lady said, sometimes a positive wont show up early either xxx
i havent had a period since october, im always clockwork and ive been off and on the pill too

i did a test in december and it was negative and i did one after new year and thats negative

so i went to the doc, she sending me for blood test but reckon its very slim im preggars if ive had 2 negative test since oct
shes getting me tested for pocs too - i think that the layout of the word-

she said it could also be because ive gain weight recently

if you dont come on in say 2 weeks, do another test and do it first thing in the morning as they say if you do it a few days after you havent come on it sometimes doesnt register in your wee, so do a 2nd one soon

hope that make sense x

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