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Total Solution Am I really doing this?


Life is golden
Hi everyone, I'm back after a huge hiatus - family problems, work disillusionment and life in general took a toll on my willpower. I'm back now - I really don't want to stack on more health problems and I really feel that a VLCD will help make a difference in my life choices - at least put the snacking on hold.
If I could say something positive that has come out of this mini life crisis is that I've stopped drinking. I found that it really didn't help with the clarity/ lack of willpower in healthy food choices and honestly the general feeling after a night "relaxing" is just not worth it!

So I'm back at a huge 114.2 kg, I need to get to 80 to start feeling healthy again

So here's to day 1 of TS
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Good luck on your journey.
I am back today after having a weeks holiday. I won't b weighing in until the weekend as I know the damage is bad.
I will b doing two pkts and an evening meal.
Once again good luck and I look forward to following your journey x les


Life is golden
Thank you Les!
I understand about the weigh-in, this time around I want to be as honest as I can be, I usually don't weigh myself until I'm one week in :rolleyes:
I just feel ready to do this. School is almost out and my kids will be away at camp. My husband is away most of the time and not very demanding with his meals, so I truly feel this is the best time to get this started. Birthdays and social engagements are out of the way I've no excuse!


Life is golden
So Day 1 is over
it wasn't 100% as I had some ham and beef kebabs
I drank 2.5 l of water, some tea and 2 cans of coke zero
B - porridge
L - indian style curry +2 slices of ham and 1 muesli bar
D - 1 muesli bar (got them free last order - my goodness are they yummy!) - 2 beef kabobs

It wasn't easy, but I figured it was better to hang on despite eating things off plan. Tomorrow will be better!
Good night everyone!
Hi there, Good Luck with day 2. I just started exante last week although I have done VLCDs before so I knew what I was in for. Well done on the quitting drinking, I imagine that will make things easier, I cut alcohol down to special occasions etc a few years ago and now barely drink at all and not having that next-morning feeling is totally worth it lol. Hope today goes well.


Life is golden
Day 2 under wrap
B - Almond milk shake
L - Indian rice curry
D - Strawberry delight
3l water
Headache for most of the day, but other than that, feeling ok
Aiming for 10lbs this first week, so I'm really trying not to crack the battle with me is head hunger (like most no?) And this need to put something crunchy in my mouth from time to time. If I can convince my head that everything will still be there when I reach my goal, I should be fine.

Hope everyone is doing OK according to plan!


Life is golden
Wow Day 4 already
Had a little slip yesterday - fatigue and not enough water
B - Blueberry oatmeal
L- Indian Curry
D - Almond milk and honey shake

I am tired to the core today. I have so much stuff to do and the only thing i feel like doing is going to bed. I won't weigh in again until next monday. It's my son's birthday tomorrow and there's a big party planned. Will try to stick to protein. I don't like desserts so i'll be ok on that front
Great party yesterday! Ate grilled meat (mostly) now I just need to get back on plan right? No letting it slide into a weekend binge!
It's so hot anyway, not sure if Im up for anything other than shakes and cold drinks!
Hope everyone had a great Friday evening
Glad the party was good. Night out with friends for catch up was lovely.
Starting off as day one today hopefully focus on the day ahead xGood luck x
Glad you had a good party, yeah good plan on the weekend eating - when I cheat I've got the attitude "might as well get done for a sheep as a lamb" only problem is the sheep will ruin me. So definitely going to have to work on that one. Good luck for the rest of the weekend
Yesterday went ok, had my last shake late though. I'm not going to lie, I had a few nibbles of this and that so I wasn't 100%. But I didn't use it as an excuse to fall completely off plan so I'll take it
Wow, got on the scales this morning - I have lost NOTHING since Wednesday :( It's a bit disconcerting but I did have a birthday on Friday night and nibbles of guild meat yesterday for Father's day. Still, I'm in shock - but today is a new day right<, no time for meltdowns yet. I just hope my body doesn't hold on to the weight due to factors like age - I heard the weightloss slows down as you get older Any views?
I was fitter when younger which helped, I think I still burn fat just a little slower, I suffer water fluctuations more. My stomach seems to be expanding as the thermometer rises at the moment. My weight loss is not linear but it does equal out to about 3lb a week, but I know from past experiences I can plateau at any time with no reasoning.
I was fitter when younger which helped, I think I still burn fat just a little slower, I suffer water fluctuations more. My stomach seems to be expanding as the thermometer rises at the moment. My weight loss is not linear but it does equal out to about 3lb a week, but I know from past experiences I can plateau at any time with no reasoning.
Hi Freefall,
I think you're right about the water retention as well; it's hot so I drink more, but I don't seem to be needing to go eliminate much. I seem to be having lazy bowels this time around as well, need to find some bulking agent quick!
Wow, yesterday was the best day yet food wise. I wasn't physically hungry, so I was able to talk down the head hunger. My daughter leaves tomorrow, and my son next week, I'll miss them, but I sure won't miss having their food around. What a break! It would be silly of me to not take full advantage of the situation to just drop as much weight as possible. We will go visit my daughter in a month, so if I could drop 20lbs by then I'd be very happy.
It's so hot right now I'm enjoying the shakes this time around; thank goodness I had bought so many. I usually do curry pack, porridge, strawberry delight and strawberry jam bar - Everything else was just bleh! Right now I'm hooked on the almond milk and creamy coconut packs. i had 3 breakfast muesli bars as a trial gift last order and tried those too - mistake because they are DA-vine!!!! :eatdrink023:
I will definitely be ordering those towards the end of my journey
Hope everyone has a great "on plan" day! Keep hydrated
Today was a good day, however I didn't drink enough and it was hot outside, I was just so busy that I didn't have the opportunity to do so. My daughter left for camp and there are 2 less people under my roof tonight - I love the quiet :)

B - tiramisu dessert - tasted more like a shake substance rather than tiramisu, and it was rather bland
L - Beef & bean pot - not bad, a little too much rice not enough beans for me
D - apple crumble custard (?) - nice change, can't let it cool down too much or it gets a real "eggy" taste

I've been shopping again - got some beautiful items, most fit but I need them to be just a tad bit looser

Hope everyone had a wonderful day?

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