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am I stupid to still think...

It is my graduation on Monday and then my birthday on Friday.. so I wanted to get a new pair of black trousers for my grad because I put my old pair on and they practically fell down (size 24 and I'm now an 18).. and I wanted to get something nice to wear for my birthday as I'm going out and it is also a reunion for my hnd which I finished 2 years ago.. so they haven't seen me since I have lost the current 3 stone..

So I said to my mum last night 'do you mind going to Cribs Causeway on friday?' (it is the big mall in Bristol, like 30 min drive up the motorway) and both her and my dad's head spun around and looked at me and were like 'what do you want to go there for?!?'.. I said 'I wanna go to evans, it is bigger than the one in Taunton and I wanna get something nice to wear'

My mums reply to this was 'what do you want to go there for??! you don't need to go there anymore! you can get something anywhere!'.. I didn't really have a reply.. going there was always safe I guess, no matter what there was always going to be something that I could get into and buy, not have to worry about trying it on and bursting out of it!..

I dunno.. I just feel a bit stupid for not wanting to look somewhere else for something or at least trying to go there *shrugs* I don't know what I'm trying to say but never the less I still feel stupid about it all lol
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sending you hugs hon, its an acheivement to 'not' have to go to evans, i have dropped from a 20 to a 16/18 but still go there first as it feels natuarl to go their first as i dont feel smaller when i am going to buy clothes. However i would suggest having a look there but also looking at the 'smaller' shops
I always find myself taking a peek on the Evans site or walking in that direction when I go into town, it's just habit I guess. I got pretty much most of my clothes there within the last year and a fair bit of stuff from Next too. I still go into Next because they do the smaller sizes too but I have to stop myself buying from Evans, it's usually more expensive than most shops and never really does clothes that are my 'style'.

You're not stupid for thinking of going there but definitely try some other shops too. Congrats on the weight loss :)


Is so doing it this time
Awww hunny bunny you're not stupid! Its going to take time.... old habits die hard! But sweetie pie you can go anywhere you like now. Next have got some lovely stuff in and I got some gorgeous bits in M&S the other day. Go out and get your self something nice and knock 'em dead!

It must be sooo exciting knowing people are gonna be so surprised when they see you!

And congrats on your graduation and have a fab-licious birthday...... now go have fun! Love Piglet xxx

Ps dont forget to get some lovely new underwear too! x
Hi there -not daft at all,

If you have been bigger for quite a while it will take your mind a bit longer to catch up with you being smaller ..
At my biggest I have worn 30/32s :eek:-Im now 18/20s and I refuse to even look in Evens-or in the plus size section of any store .... simply "on principal" :p... I have spent a not so small fortune in those shops over the years, and often having to buy just because it fitted!! so now I don't care if I have to buy the biggest size in a standard shop -Im still not buying from the plus size range :D. Im actually developing a thing for shopping :eek: .....
You go girlies!

And StacieG - if I were you'd I'd try Dorothy Perkins as it's from the same chain of shops (Arcadia group) as Evans so you know the quality is good. Also they go up to a size 22. Although be warned their sizes aren't always as generous so don't beat yourself up if you need a 20 rather than an 18 :)
Congratulations on your graduation and happy birthday for Friday ( tomorrow or next Friday ?)

Steer clear of Evans , you do not need it. You can now shop any where, remember that anywhere !!! Except perhaps those trendy shops that cater for undernourished midgets.

You are not stupid, not at all. Recently I have brought 2 tops home and when I have put them on for DH he has been horrified at how big they were. It happens to us all I am sure.

You enjoy yourself, have a ball. Your friends will be astounded when they see you especially in your nice ,new, normal size trousers.

hugs xxx
Thanks guys, mother has said that she is not going be letting me go to evans.. so we are going to be heading around town (boohisss rubbish!) lol, so can go into Peacocks, next (its tiny.. about the size of my living room!!) and new look.. and erm... actually.. no thats it! lol.. our Dorothy Perkins shut down, and we haven't got anything else.. so might make a trip to Taunton tomorrow.. obviously not gonna be able to look at places like TopShop, Jane Norman and places like that for a while but there is an M & S, Next, Big new Look and other little shops.. as well as a small evans lol!.. I quite like going into Sainsburys, I like the quality of the clothes in there.

Thanks for the support guys, my 24th Birthday is on the 24th.. so next friday.. weigh in on monday (27th) is gonna be dodgey! lol! heyho! Your all wonderful btw xx
Hey !!! Mine is on the 24th as well !!! a fellow Libran.

Enjoy your day with your mum and then enjoy your day in Taunton.
Okay... so I went around nearly every shop where we live and I did not find ANYTHING! Scrolled the internet and couldnt find anything! the only thing I could come up with was a dress from Evans by Beth Ditto.

So.. yesterday morning my mum and dad said.. right lets go!.. we went to 'the frock shop' and my god that was rubbish!!.. and they then took me to Weston-Super-Mare..

We went into Evans.. nothing! Went into a number of other little shops, nothing! M&S OMG Weston's M&S must be where they send their Frump!!.. nothing in Next.. last chance... Dorothy Perkins...:rolleyes: I found my dress

It's an incredibly bad picture!! but its floor length, black sleeveless that has jewels around the neck and stomach and a tie up at the back. What makes it even better Dad paid!!! :D

So we were making our way back to the car.. and walked past Evans again and mother made her way in.. I was like what are we going in here for?!.. My mum was like you need some shoes to go with that dress don't you!?.. My mum said you dad wants to buy you a pair of boots so get them whilst he is in a good mood!!

So.. I picked up a pair of turned over ankle ones and they were nice but I have always always always! wanted a pair of knee highs but could never fit my legs in them.. so I thought I would give it a try.
Last year I had to try on a 9 to try and get the bigger calf width and still couldnt get them up my legs.

Picked up the size 7, put my leg in it.. did it up.. fitted. I am now the owner (thanks to daddy again :)) of my own pair of black knee high boots that actually fit!!! :D

I am just really chuffed I thought I would share with you all!! It is my graduation tomorrow night and I will post pics after, I am really looking forward to it

Thanks for all your supportive words guys xxxx


It looks so nice and exactly right for the occasion.

What a lovely dad you have. Do you rent him out ?!!


Is so doing it this time
Picked up the size 7, put my leg in it.. did it up.. fitted. I am now the owner (thanks to daddy again :)) of my own pair of black knee high boots that actually fit!!! :D

Hiya Stacie the dress looks lovely and :wow::wow::wow:I know that feeling when boots don't fit your calf :mad: and how fab is your dad!! Cant wait to see your pics and good luck for tomorrow... go knock 'em dead! XXX
It looks so nice and exactly right for the occasion.

What a lovely dad you have. Do you rent him out ?!!
It doesn't happen very often! Hence why my mum said take advantage whilst he is in the mood!! lol, It is my birthday on Friday and I think I heard the words 'well theres your birthday present kid'. I have to give it to him he was really really patient! he hates shopping and it was actually him who picked up the dress :)

A big well done on your weight loss!! You should be very proud of yourself!!

Your party outfit looks lovely aswell!!

Do you have a BHS local?? a lot of Dorothy Perkins have closed down and moved to the BHS. Wallis are the same group and have size 18.

Also, have you tried clothes from Tesco?? they have improved a lot over the last couple of years.

If you want cheap clothes try Asda and Primark. I have never been able to get into Primark clothes but now some of the tops and the jersey type cardies fit.

I am like you and find Evans is my first stop for new clothes. I end up paying a fortune when my mates are paying half the price and getting loads for their money.

I like New Look but online as they have more choice and most things are in bigger sizes unlike in their shops.

Debenhams have quite a bit in size 18 aswell.

Now you have got to that size i think you will find a lot more choice available to you.

Keep up the good work!!!

x x

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