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Am i too fat for rides at alton towers :(

I really want to go to Alton towers with my boyfriend but i am terrified of being told i am too fat to fit on the rides. :eek:
I am a size 22 - can anyone tell me what to expect... should be looking forward to it, but I am worried sick about being humiliated.
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Don't worry about it. I have been at a size 20 and all was fine. They have lots of adjustable bars etc, so they come down as far as they need to for you (I always wonder what would happen if I was with someone really skinny on the rides where there is one bar for two people, would they just fall out if they were sat next to me).

Enjoy your day, and really don't worry about it.


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I remember reading somewhere someone asking the same question. She emailed Alton Towers and they advised. Can't remember what the answer was though - sorry x


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On the big rides, they always used to have the seats at the beginning of the queue that you can try out - If it's playing on your mind you could always give that a go first? I was a size 18-20 last time I went to Alton Towers and I was fine - and there were men and women larger than me who fit in the seats without any problems. I'm sure you'll be fine, and don't feel like you'll be humiliated as it'll ruin your day xx


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I think it all sort of depends where you hold your weight really hon. I've not been to Alton Towers since I was really heavy but now I'm a size 16 I'm worried I'll still not get on the rides when I go to Florida. I'm very 'chest heavy' and am worried I'm still going to have the same problem even though I've lost 4 stone!!

But then I panic about every bloody thing. ;)
Hi I was a size 20 (5ft 10) and have a big chest (36gg) and hold my weight at stomach, hips and thighs. I fitted perfectly fine in all the rides in Florida ( Disney, universal, seaworld etc)! Id imagine Alton towers would be similar in terms of ride size xxx
I did thorpe park many years ago at a size 20, 7 months pregnant and still made it on all the rides although was advised not to go on some cause of my condition, but I still did!! but yes I was fine.xx

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