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Am I turning into a woman?


Less of a man each day
I'm going through a crisis at the moment and I don't fully understand it all.

Years ago, when I was about 6, I used to think boys grew up and changed into women and girls into men:eek:. Don't ask, I have no idea why.

Last night I had a strange dream about it and now I'm showing strange behaviour.

Today I have been trying clothes on in front of the mirror and feeling fat and ugly. Did feel looked ok in next size down swimwear, but am now debating whether I should wear it or not next trip to the pool. I put moisturiser on today, haven't used the stuff in a v long time. I've had some b***h moments lately and my mood is all over the place, time of the month?!

To top it all I went to browse in the shops today and found myself looking at clothes, thinking wish I could get away with that etc.. and then to top it all went into elc and burst into tears. Even walking past the baby stuff in Boots made me feel broody.

wtf is going on. I mean my moobs have shrunk since loosing weight and I can see bits I haven't seen for a while!

Someone help me pleeeeeeease
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Less of a man each day
I've an overwhelming urge to curl up on the sofa in my empty house with a huge box of chocs, bottle of wine and put bridget jones on


Less of a man each day
Now I know you're taking the p**s!
Ok hands up to the last one, it's not wine its cider and not bridget, more like some gore fest. Rest is all true :sigh:
How long ago did you finish your chemo ?

Could it have something to do with that. ?? What drugs are you on ??


Less of a man each day
Been chemo and radiotherapy free for couple of months. Even hair has grown back.
Feel emotional at the moment, recent break up. Christmas coming up etc..
Other than that, haven't a clue.
all men have hormones i don't see why they wouldn't fluctuate like a woman's. i think a lot of woman don't understand that men have the same feeling about body image. my younger (not little at 6ft 3) had a row with a previous GF who thought he was cheating but he wasn't was just gaining the usual uni tum and didn't feel like "getting private" looking like that.
I'd grab the cider (counting the syn ofc) and embrace :D although not with Bridget lol. i watched "vampires suck" :eek: last night good for a giggle (especially as my girls are obsessed with twilight) might lift the mood :D
Been chemo and radiotherapy free for couple of months. Even hair has grown back.
Feel emotional at the moment, recent break up. Christmas coming up etc..
Other than that, haven't a clue.
You are bound to feel emotional. The diagnosis alone is enough to make a person unsure and afraid. The ensuing treatment is the pits, I walk this path with you, no one can imagine how horrid it is if they haven't experienced it and I hope they don't. Losing ones hair is almost as bad as the diagnosis ( is it as bad for a man?). To lose the love in your life on top of this is unimaginable. You have been through so much.

Do you have a Mcmillan nurse assigned to you ?? You could discuss the way you feel with her.

Medication change could do it
I feel sure this could be one of the reasons.

Hugs Chris xxxxxxxx


Less of a man each day
Spend most evenings curled up in my duvet watching films and eating magic elves


Less of a man each day
3.5 each and yes if you like chocolate and popping candy.


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why shouldn't you get emotional? we women whinge all the time (OK I speak for myself here), and talk about feelings and have a damm good cry and I believe that its a great way to sort things out, its when you feel like this and try to bottle it all up that the problems start. Some-times you just have to think, OK, thats how I feel at the moment, and succum to it, don't try to rationalise it too much, it could be hormones, medication, any of the things suggested, or you could just be feel "down" we all do at times. Why should there be anything wrong?
Oh and by the way, someone on here once said that when they were young(er) they thought that women had girl babies and men had boy babies :eek:.
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Wishing and hoping!
Society constructs gender (it is all man made) and we divide the rwo sexes in subtle ways to what we think is socially acceptable. It is absoutly fine for men to have mood swings, feel broody, take interest in clothes etc it is just the media and others sending messages in the way we construct our view of things.
If there was more openness for me to be not excluding from the things you said and break down the taboo then it would be more accepting and you would have nothing to worry about.
One thing though that really pi*s*s me of is when they divide baby girls and boys clothing to blue and pink instantly from birth you are creating an image for the child of what supposedly is deemed as male and female.


Less of a man each day
Maybe it's because i'm expressing myself and not bottling things up anymore. Venting, letting it all out and more importantly letting it go.

If my life experiences have taught me anything, it's to be myself again. I haven't done that for a long time, I have been unhappy with myself and hurt those I love the most. I cannot turn back time but I can change the future, possibly!

Anyone who has a problem with that or me isn't worth the effort.

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