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Am in big debt trouble HELP!!!


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I am a self confessed bury head in sand kinda girl. I owe this debt company about £1500 of which i should be paying £50 a month back. Now for reasons ABCD I have not made a payment and they are now threatening County Court Action if i do not pay the balance off in 7 days. There is now way I have this money and it is a big NONO asking my parents as they have bailed me out so many times not through choice but through baliffs at door that I kinda need to do this myself.

Is there anyway I can stop it going to court i really can't have baliffs turning up again.

Any advice very much appreciated or if anyone has been through this please help I can't sleep at night through worry
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Have you tried the citizens advice bureau? They may be able to advise.


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give them a call explain the situation and ask for reduced payments im sure they wil be willing to help you i work in the indusrty and were not all badduns !!!
If you register on Martin Lewis's forum MoneySavingExpert.com Forums there is a debt section in there and someone maybe able to advise you?
The other site that might help is the The Consumer Forums it's more for bank charge reclaims but there might be some templates or help you can get from there. It's still worth posting there.

Hope you get it sorted. I think the main advice is don't bury your head. Put everything in writing rather than just calling them and offer a repayment plan no matter how small so you can prove you've attempted to rectify the situation.

K xxx
Just a thought... if you don't already have a CCJ for this account.
You could send them a CCA request which would put the debt in dispute until they can provide you with a copy of your signed credit agreement and may buy you a small amount of time to start repaying the debt.
They have 12 working days to supply it, if they haven't supplied it within a further calender month after that then they would have to go to court to get permission to come after you for the debt.
If they can't supply it then they can't come after you for the money and will return the debt to the original owner.


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Thanks for all the quick replies guys I have already negotitiated it once so dunno if i will be able to do it again. Will give them a call on my lunch break. Not sure how but you always get a nicer person if u phone and a really mean person when they contact you.


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let us know how u get on mate xxx


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Hi, I was in a similar situation myself 3 years ago when my hubby was out of work.
We went to the CAB and they contacted the debt people for us...they were very helpful.

good luck


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best thing to do is write down your income and expenditures and see what youve got left then divide creditors balance by total debt and times by disposable income and that will give a pro rata amount that you can pay to each creditor its the fair way to do it
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Funny that you post this today because I have been to CAB this morning and they couldn't have been more helpful. They are going to deal with everything on my behalf.

I couldn't get through on the phone - in the end I wrote a letter and posted it through the door asking them to phone me.

Both my Mum and my boss said how much happier I looked after I came out of the appointment - a huge weight lifted and all that!

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