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Am new...ish!!!!


Am new! I did Lipotrim and lost 4 stone for my wedding, felt fantastic but after the wedding weight started to creep on again as I fell into bad habits. I’ve been trying to lose weight for what feels like months and I’ve been on and off Lipotrim more times than I care to count. This last couple of weeks, I’ve been having low carb tesco shakes and I know I’ve not been getting all the valuable nutrients I need and have been struggling. Finally managed to get an appointment for Cambridge and its tomorrow! Looking forward to have the correct shakes again and getting back to 11st asap! I have a few nights out coming up so the different plans will be great and I’ll just adapt to suit. Looking forward to getting to know you all soon.
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Hi Pineapple
You look great in your wedding photo - how many pounds have you put on??? You'll soon be able to shift them - and some of the CD plans like the 810plan is great if you enjoy eating out as well.

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Good luck Pineapple, if you need any advice just shout x
Thanks for the welcome.

Got down to 11st 1lbs for the wedding, but done the diet pretty much up until we were heading out to Cyprus so never done the refeed. Arrived in Cyprus on Sunday and behaved myself as much as I could right until the wedding on the Fri then bad habbits started coming back in. I went right up to 12st 11lbs over the next couple of months, all the time trying to lose it but I'd start the shakes then convince myself healthy eating was the way to do it, then I'd healthy eat all day then come night, think, no am gonna do the shakes tomorrow so I'd have massive binge then restart the cycle all over! This has went on for ages. I didnt really want to go back to Lipo as I feel something more flexible might be better. I only want to get back to 11st so I hope it wont take too long. Am 12st 6lbs on my scales this morn, but have the cambridge girl tomorrow! So we'll see what her scales say. Am on the tesco shakes today and then will switch tomorrow. I really like the tesco shakes and if I do them correctly I do lose but am just scared about not getting the right nutrients.


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welcome hunny and good luck... it will be off before you know it x
Welcome and good luck with your CD journey.
I've just had a look at your album and your wedding pics are stunning.
Oh thank you! We were over the moon with them. Got a story album and it really feels like your there again when we look at the album, would higly recommend them!


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absolutely beautiful x
Hi Pineapple....you will get there again!!

I got married in Cyprus too!! 4 years ago now in Limassol - its beautiful there!

I love the photos!


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hey pineapple, well done on previous loss for your wedding! and good luck with starting cd too!
Ok so I went and got weight on Fri but am just starting today! My hubby went away yesterday for a weeks course so we enjoyed our weekend before I start! Here goes! Weigh in was more than what I expected. Back on Sat for my first weigh in!
hey hun, wishing you good luck for today, i soooooooo want to be 11 stone for my wedding, (not till may so i know i'll be there!!!) i'm similar weight to you now, lost 4lb last week and getting weighed this sunday so i'll keep posting see how your doing!!!
You'll soon be there! Keep thinking about that wedding dress and all eye will be on you! Thats what kept me going last time and 11st is a great size to be! I was size 12 then and cant wait to be back there and get into all my clothes! I'll keep you posted and like wise for you, keep me updated. How much have you lost in total? Have you been on the diet long?

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