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Am proud of myself :O)

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Today i dragged myself to the downs in bristol, in the rain, and fast walked and occasionally jogged just over 3.5 miles .. and not only did i not have to stop once, or have an asthma attack or need to use my inhaler, i even did it in 45 minutes, which was less time, than i did race for life in last year, and thats 3.1 miles! :)

:D just had to share. Actually being able to RUN seems like so far off, but im really enjoying my walks and feel much healthier!!! xxx who would have thought it! 6 months ago i did no exercise what so ever! now i can swim 40 lengths and walk over 3 miles :D
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That is brilliant!! Well done!!! I want to 'jog' but my asthma is what makes me hesitant to try. I'm fine walking but if I jog at all, the air going in my mouth seems to start off a wheezing attack. I don't think it is actually running that does it as I can be standing still and if the wind catches me and blows in my mouth (I know how wierd that sounds btw), the same thing happens.

I'm sure what I have written makes no sense at all!!!!! Maybe I am just a wierdo?!


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That is so good...I just started doing the exercise bike again after giving it a break 4 weeks ago and definately feel better fitness wise.
Well done on your Body Optimizing :)
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Excellent body magic, well done Fernytots! :D

Someone said to me recently, "you never regret doing some exercise", which is so true. It always, always makes you feel better.

So great that you didn't get wheezy! What a feat. Here's to more and more.

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Thats fab!!! You must feel really good so go you!!! Im feeling rather happy tonite too, i just got back from the gym and managed to run 4 miles instead of my normal 3 :) I love the happy endorphins that are released after excerise!! Lets hope it boosts the weight loss :) xx
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
no weazyness! - i know exactly what you mean MrsMc, i find if i drink a warm drink or am too warm before i go outside, the cold hits my chest and i feel like my air way is closing over intsantly, its awful!

start off walking, then up your pase, never start jogging or running till your ready, otherwise it can be scary and put you off xxxx


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Well done, that's brilliant. When I worked (am on mat leave at moment) I used to try and walk to and from work, which was 2 miles each way. I felt so much better when I did that and it helped weight loss.

Perhaps I should try and do the same walk with the buggy - buggy miles lol

Well done again!

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