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Am REALLY hacked off!


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Well as you all know last night i was struggling with the whole - do i really want to do this diet thing - so much so that by the time I'd logged off i'd pretty much convinced myself that i didn't really want to do it and that i was going to give seeing my new CDC a miss! :confused: Why? Probably because i never stick to anything and was once again getting cold feet about the whole 'not eating for 5 months' thing. Well, after the OH got home i had a little chat with him and he was very supportive, just said that he loved me and fancied me no matter what but that he'd support me 100% whatever i decided to do. *bless him*
So i thought 'right, now or never time. I either do this, suck it up and stick to it 100% until i get to goal or i have to live with the fact that i'm addcted to food, can't be bothered doing anything about it and that a big girl i'm going to remain forever. I decided to go with the former, as couldn't bare being this big for the next decade!
So off i toddled to my new CDC, the OH even waited outside in the car for me incase i got all emotional. (me? emotional? NEVER!! lol) My CDC was really nice and understanding about me falling off the wagon so i came out feeling really positive. :) Then we decided to go down the pub - me sticking to diet coke, i know i'm not supposd to have it but i thought it'd be the lesser of two evils. Well, all was going well but then from across the pub i heard some chav shout 'ewwww she's FAT!'.
Well we all know from experience that when someone shouts fat, if you're skinny it goes straight over your head but when you're overweight you automatically think its you they're talking about and turn around - which i did. And yep, he was talking about me and for the remainder of the night everytime i looked in that direction he mouthed the word FAT at me! :mad::cry:
Now if he'd have been doing it to one of my friends the i would have marched over there and told the little B*&%&*d exactly what i thought of him, but because it was me i just stood there going pinker and pinker, staring at the floor and wishing to God that the ground would open up and swallow me whole! :cry:I was soooo upset, but i didn't want to say anything to the rest of the people i as with because.......well, its embaressing enough without everyone knowing. :cry::cry::cry:
The ssing went out of the window and i ended up ordering some chips which confirmed the fact that i was indeed a fat cow! :cry::cry::cry:
I feel awful thismorning. Mainly because i let some jumped up, just out of nappies chav get to me! :mad:
I thought all the name calling went out of the window when i left high school! I didn't think i'd have to deal with this kind of rubbish when i'm nealry 29! :(
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
OMG What a BAR STEWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont let some little upstart get to you Rayven....hang in there and when you get to slimdom(and you will)...you can march up to the little runt and give him an almightly slap (not that I condone Violence, lol)...it makes me so angry.



MUST get a grip
What an ignorant little twat - I think I'll get in my car and come out with you this evening so we can look for the little tosser!!!!!

However, the problem with our emotions is when they are riled to the limit we act on our short term wants - for you (and me) that is the feeling that we get while we are eating... Its the effect of how you feel after that you need to remember.

Easier said than done - I know!

However spiteful comments when made at a time when you are feeling sooooo vunerable as you were yesterday can easily tip you over.

But, its done now, so you can if you want to forget yesterday & use today as a new day!

I'm really upset and angry for you - and I would have probably done exactly the same thing if it was me. Which is probably why I hide away at the moment.

Send you a big hug!!!!!!!!


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AAArrrggghhh, what a horrid thing to do. But don't let it get to you. He will have probably completely forgotten about the whole thing now, and you should too. I know I would have done the same thing as you as am very embarrassed/unhappy about my size.

Today is a new day and a day nearer being super slim

At least you can do something about your weight, he will probably always be a loser!!


Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Thanks girls. *hugs*
I've felt really down about it. Just told my OH about it, because he didn't even realise it was going on and he's absolutely fuming! :mad:
I had a bit of a cry :cry:and am feeling a bit better now. Just had my first shake and have my water bottle filled up. It's not really something i can ignore anymore. I either have to stay in so i don't have to deal with the odd moron or i have to do something about it. Cos lets face it, i'm NOT happy the way i am now. :(

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That is outrageous and I feel so upset for you. No one and I mean no one deserves to be treated like that! Confidence is not something that comes easily to us when we are overweight and hurtful unnecessary comments are so cruel. Sending you huge HUGS hun, use the anger to drive you forward and not to undermine your good work - you can prove him wrong!



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Just reading that post Rayven
Just think of the poor girl who ends up being with him , he seems like hes not happy with himself , thats why hes going around looking for trouble . Sorry to hear that , that gutless wonder made you feel upset ..


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Sorry to hear about that TW*T Rayven, I feel angry for you.....however take the anger and upset that you are feeling, don't waste the energy and emotion on him, turn it around and use the energy for yourself!
Unfortunately there are ignorant, ars***les all over the place, looking for someone to pick on to project their own feelings of inadequacy onto, or looking for a cheap laugh, I wonder how he would feel if his sister/mother came home and told him that someone had called them fat/ugly/minging etc for no reason?
I know its easier said than done....but don't waste anymore time or energy on what happened, he is soooo not worth it!
Sending hugs!!!


Full Member
what a complete arseole!! hun you will do this! just take this anger and use it to make u stronger, and whenever u feel like ur falling picture his face and how u felt when he said it. Anf just think how u will feel when ur slim and see him again. As one of the ladies said he will always be a tosser but u will be slim. I'm on day 4 of my re-start and it is very hard but we will get there, and we all have each other for support. so come on dont let him beat u lets do this!!
How awful for you! I know its difficult to ignore hurtful comments as they stick in your mind and they keep replaying. I was almost at goal, fell off the wagon and am now back where I started. Nobody's perfect and he's just a spiteful tosser.
Don't feel bad about the chips (I would of done the same except probably would of had the kebab to go with them too!) just remember today is another day.
Go Girl, sending you a big hug.


Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Thanks everone! *HUGS* I'm feeling more positive now - didn't think i'd get back on it the way i was feeling thismorning but its 1o clock and i'm doing ok. Just trying to get through today. Thanks again for all your support. xx
What a complete prat :mad:

well done on getting stuck in again ! you can do this !!!

keep us posted....

Debz xx


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What a complete a*se. I've been there before and i know just how you feel, why don't these people think before they engage their mouths?? Guess they don't have much of a brain to think with!! Well done for getting stuck back into it, you can do this :hug99:


please try again
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some men should be muzzled in public!

ignore him, youve a wonderful personality ( he hasnt ), ur atractive ( no one who treats others like that is ), you have a partner who loves you ( bet money that man doesnt ) and you WILL be slim ( he will remain a lonely jerk )

glad you managed to turn it round and get back on ssing, never worry bout the chips ( ive gone for half the takeaway menu with comments like that in the past )

onwards to slimdom!


Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Hey everyone! *waves like a loon* :thankyou: Thanks for all the support thismorning. *hugs*
Have found today quite difficult as i'm still feeling a bit down, but i'm sticking with it, I've just made my second shake and am still glugging the water. :) Fingers crossed i make it through the weekend, because the rest of the week should be pretty easy come Monday - i always find it easier when the kids are at school and the other half is at work. Went out and bought a smoothie maker thismorning (trying to prove to myself that i'm commited) and the shakes are coming out better now i can blitz it with some ice.
Hope you're all having a good day. xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Please don't let him get to you. I was extremely badly bullied as a child (I have been overweight my whole life) and got to the point where I worked in a room on my own at school and if I went out anywhere I couldn't ask for the meal I wanted in the restauarant without going bright red, I had so little confidence.

I look at it now as the fact that it made me a better person as I know what it's like to be in that much pain and would never intentionally hurt anyone.



likes posting.
Im glad you have stuck with it, well done. Like eveyone has said hes not worth worrying about, hes just ignorant & misguilded.You have your family & online friends who care for you.At least you can change the way you look but can he change been a pratt.Good luck with your journey.


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How awful Rayven.
Good for you for staying there through that
Good for you that you could tell your OH this morning and not keep it all bottled up.
You know it doesn't matter what ANYONE says thoug, in your heart. It's how you feel about yourself. Even when ten people tell you that you look great, if you dont feel it, their words are wasted. The same thing when people put you down. It's all about your own self esteem.
Well done for CD today!! That's all we can do, one day at a time. Often not even that! One hour at a time.
Bring on Monday!

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