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Am sorted!


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firstly thanks again to all those who helped me last night!

i have just got back from my friends house and feel so much better about things.

firstly, she had just been shopping and has 2 pairs of size 10 fatface jeans and a dress - which i tried on and they all fit ( too long but who cares!!)

secondly cos i have re-thought my LL timeline with her - with the help of Seans fantastic plan (-in RTM section)

I have decided that i'm sticking with developers til the first week in july. so more 7 weeks.

I will prob lose another stone if i carry on at 2lb a week so will be around 8.5stone which means i will be at a good weight for me.

This will mean i stay in abstinence for glastonbury, which tbh will be easier than if i was on week 2 or 3 of RTM - as i know i can't drink by then anyway, and more importantly it will mean i'm not going to be hungry and tempted to eat the wrong stuff.

It also means by the time i am on holiday in aug i will be allowed alcohol and also by the time i go to the V festival i will be allowed pasta/noodles etc.

I'm sharing a room for the Brighton trip with my friend and she has said she will help me 'hide' the fact i'm not eating/drinking no probs as she understands the 'pressure' of certain others who will expect me to eat and drink. Its just not worth the hassle of explaining LL - i will 'spoil' the weekend for them if i'm not joining in so it is just easier to pretend - we both agree!

anyway, feel so much better for having made that decision!
phew, promise i will shut up rambling about myself now lol!
daisy x
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Hey Daisy, sounds like a really good plan to me & glad the RTM info has helped you.

I found that having a timeline, rather than a weight-goal really helped me focus in the later weeks of abstinence, and in fact when I decided the exact date to start RTM it felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

We both know you'll reach your goal in no time at all, and you'll soon be feeling fit, healthy and comfortable in your new body.

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Excellant plan Daisy! Well done!!!

Isn't it amazing what we learn through LL. I know me - any other plan and I would have said "Sod it - whats one weeken off", etc., and that would have been the beginning of another end....so WELL DONE YOU!

You have your priorities straight!

Hurrah Daisy

Amazing how things look different the next day. Good for you.
And look at BL. Fab new signature pic. Love the colour (note the English spelling of color!!). xx


I Can Do This!
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Daisy you have certainly been paying attention in your CBT sessions! Well done for thinking it through and coming up with a practical plan that will deliver your goals. Your friend is a star - we all need someone to bounce constructive ideas around with.

Well done. I'll be interested to read about your experiences as they are bound to be motivating. xx


I Can Do This!
S: 18st12lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 6st3lb(32.95%)
BL - I love your outfits! You have an amazing style which suits you perfectly.

I totally relate to your 'before' pic outfits and hope I will develop a much improved style as I get towards goal. Still in baggy fleeces etc at the moment :eek:.
So pleased you're sorted Daisy, and that you're happy with your decision, that's the main thing.
I never explained to any of my friends about LL, and managed to get away with the nights out etc. It's surprisingly easy and people don't tend to actually notice what you are eating/drinking.
Good to hear you are sorted Daisy!

It's a little scary when our heads try and de-rail us with negative thoughts isn't it? Well done you for putting yourself straight! :)

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