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Am struggling

Hi soapspuds,

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time at the moment but I just want to say just reading that first piece about you being on it since Jan and you have lost 50lbs, well done thats fantastic!! I know u had a slip up but look how much u have lost already....u are well on your way towards your goal. You must feel so better already and lighter/healthier. I know I have said this in other posts before but what works for me is picturing what u want to eat smelling and looking and tasting like dog poo...also stinky toilets, ashtrays, rotten eggs...that should put you off the food. Also you should try on something thats a small bit tight and plan to lose a few lbs over the next few weeks and fit into it nicely! I hope that helps, I know its all willpower too but look how well you've done already, its fantastic and you should be proud. You deserve to lose the weight you want soapspuds, and you can do it! :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Just looking at your stats, you have done so well. You are almost at your halfway point and you have already lost over 21% .
Everyone hits a wall every now and then, particularly when you have a good bit to lose.
Set yourself some mini goals, maybe after the next 20lbs you'll treat yourself to a facial or massage. Trying on a fav outfit is a good one too.
Whatever you do, do not give up just because of one slip. You may not have done too much damage. Just get back on the horse tomorrow and don not look back, only forward to the new you!!!
thanx. i know i have done well and will try your ideas. i am proud of what i have achieved so far but want to try and lose another 2 stone before i go on holiday. think i am just missing being normal. every conversation revolves around food and am going to two things this week where food is provided. its really difficult sometimes being the odd one out and having to watch others eat what they like. anyway tomorrow i am going to try really hard not to slip up. fingers crossed.
Hi Soapsuds, I totally know what you mean, its not nice when all the free stuff is there when you are at meeting/function. I just stick to coffee and water...its very difficult but I always try to remind myself that being obese was very difficult too. I almost had a melt down at the weekend when I was out with my h2b and he was after ordering his lunch and I ordered a mineral water and the girl brought it down and there was lemon in it! I almost started crying, it is very tough...I know it sounds like tough love but its a hard diet, but all you have to do is look at your exceptional results so far and Irishmolly is so right, treat yourself to something, even if the budget just stretches to a magazine, just indulge in something nice thats just for you. Good luck this week xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Mrsd2b is spot on. Yes it is hard but we have to learn to break old habits. It was scoffing the sausages on a stick and the flaky pastries at these dos that did the harm to us in the first place. I was on tfr for six months and got so used to NOT eating at all these outings that I still pass them by now. IMO if we are the type that puts weight on we have to be soooooo careful about what we consume. Think of your time on TFR as the chance to break old habits and form new ones. Simple equation, calories in must be less than calories out or we pile on the pounds.


Silver Member
Ah hun - dont beat yourself up. You've done so well to stay on track since Jan and lose what you have and you know you can do it!!
Put it behind you now - today is a new day.
Hi, you are not on your own! See the posting 'help, struggling to get back on the wagon' There are several of us who have done really well and suddenly tumbled and failed ourselves. Don't panic, nor feel guilty, its really understandable if you think how abnormal this diet is!! Our natural desire is to eat - we are going against that! We need to do this diet obviously - but we do have a choice and can always change to a more 'normal' diet, but if, like me, you're really not wanting to give up just yet then stick it out. Drink throughout the day, resist even the tiniest picking and use this forum for support and encouragement. What we are doing is extremely hard and not a lot of folks could do it, or wouldn 't stick to it. So be encouraged - you're nearly there, two stone same as me - we can do this!!

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