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Am thinking of Slim Fasting!

I recently started the Lipotrim diet and managed to have 2 shakes and quit as they were vile. I'm considering trying slim fast as I know I like the shakes but I don't think i will lsoe as much as I would like in the time frame I would like.

What should I expect from Slim Fast weight loss wise?

Thanks for your help :)
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It depends on how much you have to lose really, I think as with any diet the more you have to lose the quicker it comes off, plus we are all different and all lose weight at different rates. But realisticly if you really stick to the plan and drink plenty of water, you can expect a good loss with sf. The first week you usually ahve a good loss, but then if you're already dieting it may not be as much as somebody that has just started. After that most people lose about 1-2lbs a week, some more, some less. But it is an easy plan to follow and doesn't feel like you're restricted too much. Good luck if you decide to join us x
Hi tamtam

I lost 3.5lbs in my first week, but I was already eating quite healthily (trying to follow Slimming world) Last year I did this straight off the back of a terrible eating binge and lost over a stone in 4wks.

As long as you stick with the limits and you can help to increase your losses by exercising:)

Mel x


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stirky i must disagree with the more you have to lose the faster it comes off beacuse im proof that it really doesnt work like that :cry:

Though i have my trip ups i was very stricket when i started and was for about 2 months but people who had a starting weight alot less than mine lost it faster :cry:

here is an example of my old diet compared to my new one just to show the sacrifices i did make when i started.

Old ways.....
B - two eggs on toast with lots of butter or nothing to eat which is just as bad.
S - anything i fancied, ranging from buiscts ( like a whole packet ) to sweets, chocolate, crisps and anything else i really wanted. i had no limits.
L - 2 cheese toasties ( or 2 sandwhiches )
D - Chinese, i would have a takeaway like 2-3 nights a week and if it wasnt take away i would cook but my portions were always my problem.

Drinks - 6 cans of coke a day, tea and coffee through the day with 2 sugars per cup - AND I USED TO SAY I DIDNT EAT MUCH !!!:confused: Total denial.

B- SF shake
S - 100cals
L - SF shake
S - 100cals
D - 600 cals
S - 100cals

Now i have no bread and i stay away from carbs as much as possible, no tea or coffee, no other drink other than water.

In an answer to your question tamtam i lost 6lb my first week and then it steadied out to around 2-3lbs a week which is indeed a heathy loss, i will also say that this diet is a very forgiving one should you have small slip ups.

Really the loss is all down to the commitment you make to your diet and your new healthy life as exercise does really need to play a part if you really want those pounds to shift.

Good luck i hope you get the results you are looking for.
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Maybe I didn't put that the right way, meant that if you only have little bit to lose (like a stone) it is usally slower to budge than people that have a lot more to lose and you won't get such a big loss in your first week. In what I've seen with people on SF and other similar diets that the first week loss is quite substantial if they haven't already been on a different diet, they have a fair amount to lose and they stick with the plan and drink lots of water. After the first week it usually slows down to a couple lbs a week.

Sass, you're going great, I'd eat similar to you, takeaways only once in a blue moon tho as it costs to much lol. But even at home you can make a meal that is just as unhealthy as a take away!! But yes biscuits, big downfall! Chocolate and crisps yes!! Seemed to be everytime I popped in a shop (if I was out in the car on my own) I'd buy a drink, a bar of chocolate (sometimes a big one that I'd eat ALL of!) and a bag of crisps!! Just for a snack, not good! Total denial too, as I'd hide the evidence so nobody knew I'd even bought it! Plus I'd also pop in different shops all the time incase the shop assistants thought I was a total pig! Which I was :ashamed0005: I did stop doing that, told myself no and just started eating healthy, then it started again which is why I went on sf the first time, lost 3 1/2 stone and gave up as sts week after week. Ended up getting back into my old ways, not quite as bad, but was getting there! So here I am again, but determined this time!!!
I just wish it was the case for me lol :D
But a 6lb first week loss then 2-3lbs thereafter is great Sass. We all get stuck at times, lol I haven't lost anything for over a month!! But if I was losing 2-3lbs a week I'd be well chuffed. I usually am 1-2lbs, which is still good when I stick with it lol!

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