Amanda Jayne's done 100 days on LL !!!

Congratulations Amanda Jayne on Reaching 100 Days on LL!!!


Well done!!!

Love Mini xxx
Congratulations must be walking on air!!!!:D :D :D
Are you talking about ME ...

... or is there another AmandaJayne on this site! It wouldn't surprise me, there are so many members!

Well, I HAVE just done my 100 days - and it DOES feel great. I have been thinking back to August when I was considering doing the LL programme. I was desparate, miserable, and taking medication for depression. I did not have any faith in MYSELF succeeding, because I'd failed so many times in the past. This was just going to be another waste of time and money, and I would end up feeling even worse (it it's possible).

100 days later - what a difference. Even though I've still a way to go I now KNOW that I'll make it, and not only make it but KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF I LOSE.

How do I know this, do I have a crystal ball? No, I have learned about my previous self-destructive behaviours through counselling and, because I am 'removed' from eating and food, I can be objective about my past behaviours.

I have come to this site fairly late in the day but it is fantastic to read everyones experiences. There really is something for everyone here and I can dip in every day for a bit of a 'chat'. Thank you so much for your replies and support. It is much appreciated.
Cruise will be biggest test ...

The cruise does seem so far away, but that time'll just fly by, you'll see.

I am hoping to have completed the extended Foundation by February, another three months Management will take me to May, and that will give me a couple of months to get used to the new improved eating habits I will have learned.

I am intending to ice skate, do the climbing wall, and other 'extreme' sports which I would NEVER have considered before.

Where are you going for your Honeymoon? In fact when are you getting wed? Is it your first? Will it be a big do?
Wow Kath, you must be chuffed ...

... How do you feel now? It sounds like an impossible challenge, but to have achieved it is fantastic. What's the best thing about losing 4 stone, for you?

I was able to buy a 'normal' pair of nickers today from Tesco - they look great on me. Rather than wearing large, 'hold everything in and don't breathe' type (you know what I mean)!

What's your next challenge?
Wow Amanda Jayne that is excellent!
Im currently on day 11 so its great to read about somebody surviving 100 days! :D
well done