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* Amanda's Diary - Trying for goal by July 17th *

Right after having an awful end to my day when this morning was so good. I've decided im going to keep a diary on here so I can try and figure out mainly... **Why I want to get to goal...
**Why i sabotage myself when I do so well at things...
**Why I turn to food... AND
**Whats stopping me from getting to goal.

I should be able to afford to stay on CD... my next official WI is a week today and Im determind to show my CDC a good loss for the 2 weeks she wont of seen me...

Im going away tomorrow to Alton Towers and planned to eat my shakes and bars whilst there then have an evening meal tomorrow night but after todays sandwich im abit scared too incase i put on what ive lost this week...

Im going to bite the bullet and see what happens, I know I may need to stick on CD longer due to these blips but thats my fault and no one elses.

I think i ate today because i felt "normal" id been swimming and just wanted to have something to eat with my boyfriend and be "normal" with him again.

Getting so close but so far away from goal is making me want to eat... I really want to be at my 9st 7lb goal by July 17th as I have a shopping trip & night out planned and want to buy new clothes in smaller sizes...

I will try my best to get there!
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Well ive came back from Alton Towers and I have had a gain... Ive got back on track 100% now but the headaches are back like I had when i very first started CD, feeling grouchy and rough.. but have a week to lose what i gained and any extra if poss... still at a loss from when i last saw my CDC but i really dont want to see her and not of had much of a loss I some how feel guilty if i dont have a good loss?? daft i know....

Going to take some paracetamols and drink lots of water :(


Skinny girl in a fat body
Good idea about your diary amanda. I started one two days ago too, and I tick off each day if I have been 100%. I am so sad, I actually look forward to updating it on a night time :).

I want to be at my first goal (10st 7lb) by 9th July, then go on hol., have a good time and come back and shift the rest until I get to 9st 7lb. So, our timescales are about the same. Anyway, I've got a stone to lose. Fingers crossed for us both eh?
Yes thanks mia both wanting to shift a stone well its now a stone and 3lbs due to me gaining lol but im sure we can get there if we stick 100% :) Its going to be hard but it will be worth it :D
Well although ive felt awful i have been 100% SS today and drank over the reccomended water :).. Had a shake, a bar and split a soup :D

Managed 30mins cardio on the trampoline and did lots of sit ups which will hopefully help shift the gain.
well this morning ive lost 0.5lb but im not going to take any notice until WI at the end of the week hopefully hopefully hopefully will of lost the weight i had put on and show a decent loss for the 2 weeks i havent seen my CDC.

Feeling rough this morning but had breakfast (porridge) and started drinking my water.

Last night had awfully painful pains in my stomach im hoping this doesnt happen again today


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi Amanda, you are doing well honey. I have been really bad over the weekend water wise. Only managed 1.5 ltrs yesterday and a 1 ltr. today. I am usually very good (average 3 ltrs), but yesterday didnt want to be running back and forwards to loo at the concert and today I didnt get up until 1.15 p.m (eeeee I know, dead lazy me) becasue I did not go to bed until 5.00 a.m. haha. I had a loss this morning of about 6lb but I take no notice of that. I only ever take notice of my official weigh in on a Wednesday at 6.00 p.m. because I will probably have put most of that back on by Wednesday. Never had a really good weight loss yet on this time around on CD but gotta keep going haven't we?

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