Amazing Compliment :D


I will succeed!!!
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I feel like crying...I know it sounds silly but someone just said the nicest thing to me!

I've still got 1.5lbs to lose to get back to my lightest weight on SW (and the lightest I've been in 2 years). Because I KNOW I am heavier I feel like I'm having a constant 'fat day'.

Just had to do a presentation and as we were leaving the lass in the project team said 'You can't half tell you're losing more weight'. I explained I was heavier than I was at start of December and she said 'well you look thinner than you did then - you look amazing'.

Now maybe it's because I am wearing new trousers and heeled boots (heels do help lol) and a fitted shirt...maybe I am losing inches through working out...I dunno...but I feel 100% happier than I did this morning.

It just reminds you how a few kind words can make someone's day - so though I don't believe in saying things for the sake of it, I will make sure I spread the love to the next person who deserves it :D

Also - it's a reminder that we all work so hard and look miles better but until someone says we don't see it ourselves...we're out own worst let's not do it now people! :D

Sticky xxx (who feels silly that a few words have given her more self worth)
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Oh how lovely! I am feeling quite glum today and reading that's really helped lift my spirits a bit. Thanks :)


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How wonderful! And yes the exercise will totally change your shape. My measurements now are what they were when I was a stone thinner without exercising!


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That's really sweet!!! It always feels better when it comes from someone were not too close to so you know there not saying it for the sake of it! :)

Im really pleased for you you must be over the moon


I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
Awww thanks everyone :)

I am happy - more because it's cheered me up than anything.

I took measurements when I started SW and know I've lost a fair few inches already, but because the scales have not gone down much, I haven't checked in a while. Going to take them again later and see.

It made me think 'judge yourself through other people's eyes' when it comes to weight loss :D x


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Isn't it fantastic how a few lovely words can really lift your spirits and leave you feeling on top of the world!! I'm starting to get lots of compliments, but I have got a really long way to go yet so I'm certainly not at the 'transformed' stage by any means! The people that have noticed the difference who have complimented me have made me feel so elated! So it's not silly! You're human and as you say you've worked hard for this! Your efforts should be rewarded not purely by how you feel and look to yourself, but how you're seen by others too! I'm someone who needs compliments and reassurance anyway so I know how important it can be!! Well done!X


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Isn't it lovely when someone does that for you? I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the moment. Well done on your losses - both pounds and inches.Go girl!