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Amazing motivation!

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Hey all,

Just wanted to share something that happened today, which has made me feel so motivated!!

Until today I had been wearing my normal size 16-18 pre-diet clothes, and although within a week of SSing my jeans were loose, over the last fortnight I had noticed my jeans were getting ridiculously loose- they were making me look much bigger than I am, but I was too scared about trying on my old, size 14 stuff in case it didn't fit which would make me feel depressed. - you know that feeling of being in a changing rooms trying on clothes in what you think is your size only to find they don't fit- thats what put me off trying them on... I had thought I would rather wait a bit longer to give me more chance of getting into them and minimising the emotional trauma of them not fitting!

However today I had relatives down and when getting dressed this morning felt stupid wearing trousers that actually would fall off without a belt, so pulled the old clobber out of the loft and had a trying on session. Well, what a surprise was in store for me....

- ALL my old jeans now fit, and 2 of these pairs I have had to throw away as even those are too big for me (size 14).
- ALL my old summer skirts (gypsy ones which have no beltloops to hold them up :-() were too big and have had to throw them all out, which I am actually sad about as I really liked them!
- ALL my summer tops which were previously tight now actually look OK, altho my arms are a bit too big but once they are more toned the tops will look good- theres no pulling at the back or anything for once.

I then decided to make way for my new jeans (I have 4 pairs which now fit which didnt before) I had to go through my wardrobe/drawers and get rid of some stuff.... this is what I have thrown out....

- ALL (bar 1) pairs of jeans- in total 8 pairs!! They are in good nick as most are a year old or less so will send them to charity.
- ALL my 'smart/going out' bottoms- including my 3/4 length black trousers which I adore... that was hard!

I have, in all, today thrown out about 20 items of clothing :-o which although means I shall have to buy a new wardrobe next winter, also means that I am getting skinnier!! Whoop whoop!! There were only 2 things that didn't fit, which are 2 miniskirts that I haven't worn since I was 16. So I shall save them for the summer by which time they will prob be too big :-D and I can buy new ones 2 sizes smaller!

I feel so gooooooooood, I dont care what the scales say- most of these clothes I haven't worn for AT LEAST 2 years, some up to 4 years, and that means I am shrinking..... YES!! THIS IS WHY I AM DOING CAMBRIDGE!!!!

Just thought this may motivate some of you, and if you are in the situation where you have stuff a size down which you think might now fit, have a trying on session and you'll be amazed how good it feels. The key thing for me has been the physical throwing away of the stuff- its saying goodbye to the fat me and welcoming in the new me! I am not keeping it 'just in case i get fat again' as I will never allow myself to get to that size again- even if the odd lb or 2 creeps back on!

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Well done:clap: :clap: :clap:

Getting rid of your old clothes is making a statement of intention and that is not to go back into them again.:)

I think it does take courage to Spring Clean your wardrobe and not leave some clothes as a security blanket.

Your excitement is contagious!!!

Fantastic motivation for the week ahead.

I hope you take plenty of photos of yourself at this stage of the journey for your own records...because at this rate you won't be hanging around too long in these clothes that fit you now.:)

Love Mini xxx


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thats fantastic wannab! well done :D


Have a serene day!!
That is fantastic I know what you mean by the motivation, coz things move so fast on CD in comparison to others, when you try things on you are expecting them not to fit and then they do.

I bought a 16 top yesterday first time in 18 years and it fits, but my wardrobe now consists of 16s & 18s and some old traccy bottoms which I wear round the nags. I was wearing 26s only 3months ago.

When I sit down I can feel my bones through my skin and that is weird.

So well done you - congrats.

Keep onwards and downwards.



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:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

That is such a great feeling, I tried on my ann summers pj`s last night they are 26/28 as that was the biggest size they had, well the bottoms went on but tight round bum and tum, the top just rolled up to mt waist as my belly and bum were too big....lol :eek:

Well i had to tie the bottoms up tight as they were so loose and the top no longer rolls up to my waist ......omg I was stunned as Im still really big I wasnt expecting to get it on .....but wahhoooooo what a feeling. :D :D

Well done you for a great start to spring.:eek:
I have kept all my clothes ranging from a size 12 to size 22 in my many bulging wardrobes. You have spurred me on to spring clean them myself. Like Mini says you have made a statement of intent by throwing away the bigger sizes, and I think I shall join you!!!! I have always kept hold of clothes when I diet 'just incase', but this time is going to be different, I am going to stay slimmer. thanks for the post, it was motivational for me! Angela x
I agree it does feel good to have trying on sesson. I did hti at the beginning of last week and managed to get into noto nly all my clothes from 2 years ago (which I still wore last summer but where on the tight side). But I also managed to get my wedding dress on and it was too big (got married 10 years ago this year).

I am also wearing abelt with my size 14 jeans as they are noiw too big for me (even though I only bought them 3 weeks ago)
Excellent! I had a big sort out 5 weeks ago, but i'm going to have to have another one soonish as my jeans are falling down again! I had to wear a belt walking to the post office today with my one year old in the carrier on my back, the carrier kept pushing my trousers down and exposing my knickers to the world! My new much smaller knickers i'll add, threw all my huge granny pants out over the weekend, god that felt good!


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:wow: What a fabulous feeling - you go!! :cool:
Well done to wannabeslim and all the others who've had a wardrobe clear out. I've always kept my fatter clothes 'just in case' but I'm definitely not doing that this time - they're all going out as soon as they no longer fit. Which also means that as well as buying new clothes in smaller sizes (though I do have quite a few down to size 18 and I'm a 22 now) the clothes in my wardrobes won't all be crushed up against each other as they are now going from 18 - 26/28. Cannot wait :)


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