Amount of syns


I will do this!!!


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Yeah its okay as long as you cut back tomorrow to compensate.


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This sometimes happens but remember that 4 syns over is nearly a third extra. Start a fresh tomorrow and try to increase you ss foods and free foods so you feel less hungry.


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I had 47 syns yesterday (guesstimate)! My WI day is Thursday so I'm counting my syns over the week and being frugal for the remainder of the week.


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If it makes everyone feel better, I have been a bad synner this week...

Monday - 15
Tuesday - 30.5 (cheese and peanut butter on toast after WI (I never normally do this btw)
Wednesday - 22.5 (hardcore decorating (of the kitchen) and grabbed an extra hi-fi bar)
Thursday - 35ish (exhausted from decorating for two days and gave in to the suggestion of a chinese)
Friday - 24 (it was all fine until a glass of Baileys was put in my hand)
Saturday - 10 (back to normal).

I have been good for weeks and rarely go over my syns, but it was one day after another. I didn't even feel like self-destruction mode kicked in. Anyway, I am not giving myself a hard time, but I am praying for a sts rather than a gain on Tuesday.........

Dammit, I have just remembered my mum is taking me, DH and our 3 children to the Harvester (having steak and jacket pot, no dessert) this afternoon as a congratulations for me passing my Masters degree. Maybe I will have to have a gain this week as I only need to be in the presence of major calories to gain weight lol :rolleyes:.


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I count my syns weekly so if I have a lot at the weekends I cut back on other days.


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ive always been under the impression that you cannot cut back on your syns to compensate going over its about if you go over you count them and then just start again the next day fresh as life is gonna throw these things up at you but as long as you get straight back on your in control