amounts of food after refeeding

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    Am really responding to a thread but thought I would make it more obvious. If I refeed for two weeks and then go on holiday I will be allowed more than a small breakfast bowl of salad and 2 tbsp of Veg, 4-6 ox chicken/fish---------WON'T I?
    I don't intend to binge and will steer away from desserts etc but need to have a bit of food to fill me up
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    To be honest if you add something with what you've listed there it should be more than enough.
    6oz of chicken is normally 1 breast so it should definitely fill you up if you have something to go with it. Once you get to day 4 on refeed you can add potato, rice etc to the meal so by the time you're done and on your hols you'll be up to what should be a normal sized meal.

    A meal on my regular diet (ie what I ate before LT and what I'll also be eating afterwards) could be something like;
    1 chicken breast - fried (no oil) with some kind of sauce, normally teriyaki.
    A small dish of cucumber and beetroot (I'll have about a 1/4 of a stick for the cucumber and maybe 10 slices of beetroot)
    1 cup of rice - about 120g

    Something like that I could never finish unless I'd not eaten all day.
    The thing to remember is when you're a larger size, we consume more food to give us sufficient energy. Now you're smaller a regular sized meal should fill you up a surprising amount! Obviously because you've not eaten anything at all it's easy to think that you still need that same amount of food, once you get back into eating properly you'll be able to adjust to these new amounts and you'll be surprised how little fills you up.
    Don't be afraid of the desserts though. Eating healthily doesn't mean you have to completely cut out everything that's "bad" for you. It's absolutely fine to have a dessert or the odd packet of crisps but it's all about moderation.
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    you will be really surprised at how much fills you up

    But yeah my portions are gradually etting bigger
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    You'll be fine. As I mentioned in a previous post (to yourself I think), I refed for 5 days before going away for 2weeks AI and ate quite well, including the odd cake and ice cream, and a few drinks and came home with a loss. I just tried to keep the proteins high (lots of meat and fish) and the carbs and fat low. There was no portion measurement going on and you'll probably find that the portion sizes you refer to above, will more than fill you up initially, but as Chelly said, your portion sizes will increase.

    As long as you don't crazy with carbs and cakes, you'll be fine.

    Good luck and don't worry so much about it.

  6. kered

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    Having larger salads on hols after a 2 week refeed will not do you any harm, even a huge salad is only about 80 calories, and I mean huge. Just do your refeed properly and you will be surprised how after 2 weeks you will have gotten used to the portion sizes.
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