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Amy's Diary


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Hi everyone :)

I started back on Xenical on Friday, I really need to get this weight off before I start uni in march so I went back to my dr's and asked to be put back on the pills (I tried them over a year ago)

I'll be updating this food diary as often as I can as I'm worried about doing something wrong (if someone could put me right that would be brilliant :) )

Monday 20th October


30g Kelloggs Bran Flakes - 3g of fat (maybe a bit less because thats with semi skimmed milk but will put it as 3g)
125ml Skimmed Milk - 3.2g


2 Flour Tortillas with chicken breast mixed in a little bit of hot sauce and a salad - meal total 11.6g

Snack - (I shouldn't of had this really but did 1 and a half hours in the gym and was starving- should of planned it better and left lunch till afterwards)

2 tortilla wraps with a bit of extra light flora - 5.8g


Tesco Light Choices Sweet Chilli Chicken with Noodles and 200g Onken fat free yoghurt with fruit salad - 2.2g

total for the day was 31.8 grams of fat
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hey hun....
not sure about the Tortillas (as ive not personally had them..) are they in the 5% rules?? and also be careful about the flora.. yes its light but still out of the rules...

everything else seems very yummy...
how are you finding it? are you going to be weighing in on a friday? or just leaving it up to the Dr weigh ins....


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Hi Kes :)

no they're not really, I was using up what I had in cupboards lol. I'm having slim fast for breakfast and lunch and a healthy meal now (hubby is doing the same which makes it alot easier) not sure what to do for snacks though other then fruit so may stick to that :)

How are you doing? xx


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im not too bad... :)
as a slimfaster.... (from wayyyy back lol) i had activia vanilla (the no fat ones) and fruits... and caramel snack a jacks... rivita minis....
hmmm fruit, fruit and more fruit!!! oh and cous cous.... i would portion it out to roughly 100cals... and have that as my snack :)
I often have fat free yoghurt as my snack.

Did you manage to lose much weight when you last used Xenical?


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ooo great ideas thanks :)

I lost about half a stone (over two weeks) but had really bad stomach cramps from the first day and was really constipated (sorry TMI) and I gave up, but shouldn't of given up so quickly. I've been fine this time around though, I'm on day 6 and not had any side effects so far (hoping it stays like that lol)


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Breakfast: Strawberry Slimfast -7g
Lunch: Chocolate Slimfast - 7g

didn't have any snacks because I wasn't hungry and forgot.

Chicken breast - 3.2g
a teaspoonfull of light philidelphia (was a too high in fat though at 11g per 100g, I could of swore they did an extra light one - maybe I'm imagining it though :confused: ) 3.5g
Cous Cous, about 50g - 1.6g
Salad - 0.2g
and a WW choc brownie - 3.3g

total for the day was 25.8g of fat and I had two large glasses of sugar free sqaush (mostly water) will have another tonight, I struggle drinking because I don't get thirsty so have to remind myself, otherwise will go a full day without drinking (weird I know)


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they do do an extra light one. :) but if you are shopping in tesco. look out for the garlic and herb one. its lush and in the rules (the extra light one..:)


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didn't get any side effects but not risking it again lol, just been to boots to for end of 1st week weigh in and have lost 5lb yay :)


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Well done. That's fab...
Keep up what your doing as its working.. that's a fab first week.
had slimfast again today for breakfast and lunch, and had some pink 'n' whites for snacks (love those) and we had cod with salsa, ainsley harriot cous cous... think it was tomato and olive and peas for dinner. it only came to 12 grams of fat for today so might have some really low fat fromage frais later with a bit of sweetner mixed in with some fruit.

I usually do an hour and a half in the gym though which I havn't done for a few days so need to get back into it, will have to go tommorow :)
I botched up today... my little girl brought me a handfull of crisps and I ate them without even thinking about it eeeek! it wasn't a big handfull thankfully but still bad. I really need to stop eating things without thinking :( otherwise I've been sticking to it 100%, but expecting a funny tummy tommorow. Does anyone know if they still make those Go Ahead crisps and are they within the rules?

My food diary for today is a slim fast for breakfast a mullerlight yoghurt for a snack, a slimfast for lunch and (then mid afternoon the crisps :S ) and for dinner I'm having a Light Choices Chicken Tikka. And probably will have 2 pink 'n' whites tonight
3 lb weight loss this week which I'm really pleased about, was expecting about 1lb loss due to having a 5lb loss last week :)

We're going to my parents house tonight so having a Thai but mum is making me lots of vegetables so I can have a little bit of the stir fry and a little bit of the sauce mixed with the vegetables because we buy it made fresh from a shop near us but it doesn't have nutritional values on the packaging so don't want to risk having a lot of it, will probably have 2 table spoons of the green curry and a bit of the noodles.

For Breakfast I had a slimfast shake and the same for lunch, I've been snacking on snack-a-jacks :)


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sorry im a late replyer here... but well done on your loss last week...

how did you get on at your parents???
Hi Kes :)

I had no side effects (didn't have much of the sauce though) and still lost at the end of the week, so it went ok :)

How are you? xx


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im not doing too bad... weight loss has slowed. but my naughty eating has gotten hmmmm worse.. im so bad at the min... i need to stop! lol...

hope your weekend wasnt too bad. :)
Sorry Kes I havn't been checking my diary so didn't see your reply. Your entitled to be a bit naughty you've done really well :)

I've made the first of three christmas cakes I'm making this year (I make them for my parents and grandparents thats why there's three lol) and I actually managed not to eat any cake mixture, and didn't really want to either :)
I'm not a fan of Christmas cake, so I wouldn't be tempted I don't think...

How's things otherwise
ooohh i could prob be tempted by cake mix.. (love making things and eating half the mixture lol hehehehe)
im doing ok.. trying to stay calm, and not panic over everything... 3 weeks until we go, and 4 weeks until the wedding. so its all a little scary.. (althoug this is not the first time, i feel its more of a bigger deal this time round as its not a secret, and we have had longer than 6 weeks to plan it!!)

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