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Amy's Diet Diary!


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Think i shall keep all my weight losses and gains (hopefully not that one!) in here

Will try and post what im eating on a daily basis...

Sunday weight - 11stone 6lbs.
1st Weigh in @ WW - 11stone 2lbs and a half

Would love to get down to 9stone 7lbs, and see how my figure looks then and go from there.... hopefully get to that weigh by Christmas(!)

Just got my boyfriend to take some photos, and i'm shocked at the belly and back fat! I shall try and upload them now xx
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I hope so! I dont want to give up this time, normally i do WW for 2 weeks then give up? Think before i didnt have enough varity, i know what i was doing wrong now plus im going to meetings and have this website!

Cant upload the photos on here so im just uploading them onto Photobucket xx


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2 Pieces WW Bread - 1
Jam - 0.5
Muller Yogurt drink

WW Chunky Soup - 2.5
Sour cream snack a jacks - 1.5

Diet coke - 0
Fab lolly - 1

As tonight is Friday we are have chinse :eek:.... i dont think one day off a week hurts?.... Back on it tomorrow! xx


nearly there!! :)
hey welcome and keep up the fab work xx
Had the chinese, didnt even eat it all...but still feel guitly!

I'll work it off at the gym next week so all good!!



Going From Flab to FAB!
Ooo yummy chinese !! .... is my fav low point treat! ... i wouldnt fret it and dont feel guilty hun! like starry said your probably within your points!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Mmmm Mushroom fried rice! yummy! ... my fav!
When we have chinese we have the works....

Chicken chow mein
Egg fried rice
Beef curry

And prawn crackers!!!! :sigh:

Was lovely though ;)

Off to tesco now to get all my food in to give life to my taste buds! x
Oh and noodles! Forgot what ones... x
Hiya ladies!
Havent been on for a while as im mega busy!
Anyway got weighed on Thursday... lost 2lbs :cry:first weigh in is always supposed to be good! I was gutted as i went to the gym everyday, made up for what i ate on the weekend by not eating all my points!

But found out today its because its totm! (i dont keep track but am from now on!) so hopefully next week will be a better weigh in for me :) x

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