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    I originally started a diary in the blog section but given the number of lovely responses I had to my introduction post I thought I would put it on here instead, as it is such a great community. I'll copy the last two entries onto here, but as of Day Three things are going fine. My only worry is that, seeing a specific diet is just not going to work with my lifestyle, I'm worried I don't know which foods to eat and which to cut back on. Any advice would be great on that.

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    Day 1 (well not really)

    Posted 1 Day Ago at 02:07 PM by ggamygg
    So today I weighed myself and I weighed in at 68kg. This really shocked me, as normally I am around the 63kg area and thought I had been doing well. I used to suffer from anorexia, and some bullimia and dropped very low at one point. Obviously this is very unhealthy and I have no intention of ever going back there again. But it's frustrating that I can't seem to maintain a healthy weight that I am happy with - I'm always either up or down, which really is no good at all.
    So I came on the internet and searched for weight loss support. I seem to be constantly trying to think up diets for myself and stick to them, but it doesn't really make any difference. But now I've joined here, and am admitting to wanting to lose weight even if it's to people I don't know. So I think it is fitting that this is called day 1! And that I make some aims:
    1) Target Weight: 55kg
    2) Exercise: Three times a week

    Now I really have to go about doing it. I'm not really a fan of a particular type of diet, and would rather just try and eat healthy and exercise more.

    So tomorrows aims are:
    1) Snacks= only fruit
    2) Breakfast = cereal with skimmed milk
    3) no crisps, chocolate, white bread products or cheese.
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    Day 2

    Posted 11 Hours Ago at 10:36 PM by ggamygg
    Actually a really good day. I bought some electronic weighing scales and weighed in at 67.6kg. I haven't recorded it in my little book though because it was in the middle of a day fully clothed etc. I want my weights to be accurate. I didn't exercise today, but that can't really be helped. I just didn't feel like it, and the whole point of losing weight is to feel good, so if I'm feeling awful doing it it seems kind of crazy. So today I ate:
    Breakfast: shreaded wheat, skimmed milk, half cup orange juice
    Lunch: 5 mini falafel, avocado, white pitta, cherry tomatoes
    Dinner: beef stew, dumplings, cauliflower and mashed potoato, but all 2 spoons (which was good).

    Tomorrow I will have cereal and skimmed milk for breakfast again. And make myself a salad to take for lunch along with fruit for snacks ONLY.
    Dinner will once again be strictly two spoons and no pudding. If I feel like it I will go for a run, but only if I want to. if when I'm on my way home I don't want to run I'll walk from the station instead.
    And I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning and see what I'm starting at.
    Lets see how it goes then.
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    Day 2

    Ahh very confused and technologically challenged but lets just keep going. So to Day 6. I know it says Day 2 up there. I quite frankly am a little lost.
    So today... well not so well. Woke up this morning to no weight loss which was a bit disappointing. Then did pretty well til I had some of those diet crisps which was naughty, also a sneaky cupcake. But dinner was a disaster. I had second helpings, plus mini chocolate eclairs after. OCuldn't really have gone worse. So let's see what happens with the scales. I guess what i've learnt is when I'm very hungry I eat a lot more and get greedy. Maybe when I'm very hungry before dinner it's worth having an oatcake or two to take the edge off. I also need to a have a bit of self control. So come on Tuesday! I can do this! Healthy choices and exercise!
    By wednesday I will have to weigh myself and record 1 weeks weight loss which I know will be dissapointing. Well so long as it's a loss, no complaining.
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