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Amy's quest to be a Yummy Mummy!


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Hiya all,

I'll post a few facts before I get started :)
My name is Amy and I'm 21 in July! I have a gorgeous little boy who is 8 months. I have lost around 3 stone on Weight Watchers after giving birth but fell off the wagon, I got bored because I know it like the back of my hand!

So I decided to take a big leap and start CD! After reading and seeing SO many sucess stories I had to give it a shot ;)

I met with my consultant yesterday and got most flavours apart from a few I know I wont like. So here it goes to day one!

Height - 5.5
Starting Weight - 12stone 13lbs
Target Weight - 10stone

Once I reach my target weight I will decide from there if I want to go lower xx
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Well just had my first pack... had Apple and Cinnamon porridge.

It seemed runny with lumps in it... was finding it hard to swallow but ate it all lol.

Lets hope a shake it better! :(
awww gd luck with ur diet hun...the porridge aint too bad if u dnt put as much water in there...n yh the tetra shakes are relii nyc...:D...ima sure u can do it, av u gota goal that u got to reach ur goal...? mmke sure u keep us updated n we are all ere for u if u eva need to talk abt neting..n mke sure u drink plenty of water...


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hiya!!! well done on losing 3 stone on WW. I never lose well on WW.

how you getting on today?


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Thanks girls!! :D

Yeah think I will try again with it tomorrow and not put as much water in and just drink extra water to make up for it!

Well my CDC said people loose an average of a stone a month... I would LOVE to be 11stone something for my 21st in July... but me, OH and my son are going to Bognor Regis the end of this month and not sure how I'm going to cope :sigh: I may go on SS plus so I can eat with my OH for a few nights?

I've nearly drank a whole bottle of water (1.5l) so not bad going!

I do love WW, I'll probably go back on that when I'm ready to maintain. Its just I want to see fast results and get rid of this excess weight!

I'm feeling fine if I'm honest lol, yesterday in preperation I didnt have any carbs I just had shredded wheat with skimmed milk, ww soup and 2 oat biscuits then for tea had 2 chicken breasts and aload of veg! xx


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Just had a orange chocolate shake for lunch. Only had half as its quite alot! Will have the rest soon.

Has a really odd smell to it... I can taste the orange, not fussed on it to be honest:sigh: Hoping the soup is much better...doubt it though :8855: x


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Well I had an oriental soup last night, was actually quite nice so will get more of them next week, had abit of a kick to it mind!

Also drank a swimming pool of water! Peeing for britain here! :8855:

Now today I just had my strawberry shake, added some ice cubes to the blender and OH MY GOD its bloody lush, nice and thick deffo get loads of them next week! :)

Feeling so determined to do this! x
Yesss the chocolate strawberry and banana shakes are all good if you blend them for aaaages and then add ice, and they last forever!! Good luck on your diet, will be checking in :) xxx


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Thank you! :) I think I will try the banana one for breakfast tomorrow!

Had a chocolate shake for dinner, added ice cubes again bloody lovely! And for tea I had the Chicken and Mushroom, that was really nice - suprised!

Eeek can't wait for weigh in, seems ages away... x


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Well yesterday was the first day I felt hungry... didn't cave in though. Don't think I drank enough water!

Yesterday I had

Summer fruits shake - Lovely will get that again
Toffee and Walnut - Not that nice, wont be getting that!
Spicy tomato soup - Was lovely!

OH is having chinese tonight :(...

I had a sneak look on the scales and they are looking good! :D Hope I'm not the only serial weigher lol.


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Busy day today.. am going threw my whole bedroom and getting rid of everything I don't wear or doesn't fit anymore and I'm not buying any new until I've reached my goal :eek:

And I'm being harsh with myself too... spent 2hrs doing it so far and STILL doing it. Forgot how much I had... :sigh:

Had a Strawberry shake for breakfast not sure what I'm having for dinner, probably chocolate
Heyy good to see youre sticking at it 100% :)
It gets easier as you go along and this website definately helps! Keep going! The other day my sister and dad had indian and chinese, then dominoes pizza the next day - ahh! Had to stay strong though! Good luck!


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Thanks chick :)

I'm really shocked I've sticked to it to be honest! I think the cost and how fast the effects are play a big factor in it.

Aww no thats horrible! Well my OH left half his chinese for today, and left me in the house with it while he went to his mothers.... I never touched it! Normally I would have picked at it :p

So excited for weigh in! Although I've drank only 2ls of water today because I've been clearing out the bedrooms not good! x
never mind sometimes i totally slack on water too!!
well done for not picking at the chinese i just didnt even want to look at it haha! Should be your weigh in soon? Good luck! xx


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Yup! Weigh in is today at 4.15! It's really only been 6 days but doesn't matter :)

I can't wait, but I feel as if I dont loose more than 6lbs I'll be gutted lol x


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I lost 6lbs :) I was expecting more but thats my own fault for weighing all the time, so I'm binning the battery lol.

I also lost inches;


01/06/2010 [Day before I started]
Waist - 37
Hips - 42
Chest - 43.5
Arms - 14
Thighs - 24.75

Waist - 33.5
Hips - 40.5
Chest - 42.25
Arms - 13
Thighs - 23.5


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Thanks hun :)

I am yeah, I dont miss food actually it doesn't faze me anymore. Not sure if that will change when I have food when I go away lol.

Finding it alot easier, but harder to drink all the water I just dont have time when looking after my baby! x


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Well I got weighed yesterday and lost 5lbs :D So thats 11lbs in 2 weeks! Really happy, hopefully next week I can hit a stone!

I also bought the Sunshine Orange water flavouring, as stupid as this sounds water is making my mouth feel dry? Feels all wrinkely lol.

Also I'm allowed to try the bars now, only got 3 had the peanut one yesterday was ok, weird chewing!

I also lost a few inches will update when I check my card x
Wow haven't been on here in a while!! As you can see from my ticker im 17lbs away from target :)

Did have a wobble and a few weeks off, and with Christmas I keep having 1 or 2 off days. Going to try very hard to have a 100% week. I need to loose 5lbs to be in the healthy range bmi!! And then go onto the 810 plan.

Finding it very hard drinking water in this cold weather :(

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