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Amy's Slimfast Diary


Mummy of 2!
Backdating a little!

Friday, Day 1

ok a good start, went out in the evening to the theatre and didnt scoff when i got home despite just having my SF for tea!
L- Weightwatchers pizza (407cals) extra cheese & choritzo on top (140cals) thin sweet chilli crackers (60cals)
Snacks - very small bar of chocolate, 2x orange & passionfruit J20s, 250ml milk in tea (98cals)

i could only count 1141calories - then my snacks but i think i had just about enough left over calories to cover those!

Overall = Feeling very positive ;)


Saturday, Day 2

I have been completly off plan today, but have had family visiting that i havent seen for ages, so was nice to have a meal and im not at all bothered - will get back on track very soon :)

B- SF shake
L- 4x mini scotch eggs, 3/4 bag of onion bahji walkers crisps, piece of rhubard & ginger cake
T- Pub dinner of small portion of scampi, chips & peas

No idea on my calories today?! felt like i ate LOADS but actually on paper it doesnt look too bad? think it was just because i was concious that it wasnt slimming world friendly it felt like loads:eek:

Overall = feeling great, for the first time since i started slimming in Nov im not thinking about food 100% of the time woohoo :)
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Mummy of 2!
Sunday, Day 3

well again, with family staying im not 100%! i have a clear week coming up though and no excuses!

B- None - slept in as was hubbys turn to get up with baby
L- SF shake
T- chinese takeaway - naughty but very much looking forward to it and will stick to a small portion!:eek::D
Snacks - 250ml milk in tea (98cals) Weightwatchers carrot cake slice (? cals) weightwatchers chocolate cookie (49cals)

no idea on calories today!

Overall = still feeling happy - and surprisingly not hungry!!:D


Mummy of 2!
Monday, Day 4
had nothing on today except ironing! ended up having lunch in town with my mum decided to swap and have my SF for dinner instead. went horribley wrong though and i wasnt hungry come dinner time and ended up with chocolate:eek:

B- SF shake
L- Tuna Melt panini (553) slice of Carrot Cake (491cals:eek:)
T- Small bag of minstrels (211cals):eek:
Snacks - 200ml milk in tea (98cals) Weightwatchers carrot cake slice (71cals)

Total cals chomped = 1642
cals burned during ironing = 265
cals burned pushing pushchair = 150

Total = 1227

Overall = grumpy, bunged up and PMT!

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