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Discussion in 'General Weekly Weigh-In' started by 26_Stone_Girl, 9 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. 26_Stone_Girl

    26_Stone_Girl Member

    Hi All,

    I will be updating my weigh ins on a wednesday after ive been to slimming world, but, as im on a mission today i will post my first weigh in today....

    26 Stone.

    eek i said it... bring on the celery! :D
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  3. 26_Stone_Girl

    26_Stone_Girl Member

    hi guys,

    well a week has gone by since i first weighed and im pleased to say - im 9lb down! OMG im so happy!

    so i am now 25stone 5lbs.

    and only 201lbs to go!
  4. Spongebobb

    Spongebobb Member

    Wow 9 lbs? that's like 4 and half kiloooos! That's fantastic! What kind of diet are you on? Do you exercise?
  5. 26_Stone_Girl

    26_Stone_Girl Member

    hey thanks!
    ive been doing aqua fit for 45 mins a week and trying to do 10 mins of walking a day, but just following SW extra easy at the moment and i cant believe how much i can eat. im sure as i get smaller the weight loss will decrease, but for my first week i feel really motivated :D
  6. Spongebobb

    Spongebobb Member

    I know how you feel. when you first start dieting especially in the first week the weight jumps off. But don't get demotivated in the weeks after that, that's usually what makes me fall off the track. And something else to remember if you get demotivated is that at that point you are actually LOSING REAL WEIGHT. compared to waterweight in the first week. so you are actually getting thinner eventhough the scales are not telling you.

    Well done, you're doing really good. :)
  7. 26_Stone_Girl

    26_Stone_Girl Member

    ok so i had my slimming world weigh in tonight (the official one!) and im now 25 stone 4.

    so 7lb since last wednesday and 10 in total.

    love it :D:D
  8. Crazybecky5

    Crazybecky5 Green tea advocate!!

    You're doing a fantastic job, It's great to see those scales going down isn't it and you'll be at your stone before you know it!!!

    I love it, even if i only loose a pound one week at least i know i'm still going in the right direction!!

    Well done :) x
  9. xxtashaxx

    xxtashaxx Losing the mummy fat

    Well done! :D
  10. Tummy Tamer

    Tummy Tamer Full Member

    well done, hope this week goes well. I feel like a whole new woman since I lost a few stone, it is definitely worth it. It's like having a new lease of life. so so worth it.
  11. pancras

    pancras Full Member

    Well done on your weight loss, you have done really well.
  12. 26_Stone_Girl

    26_Stone_Girl Member

    hi all,

    weigh in today, lost 2.5lb this week

    down from 26stone to 24st13lbs now

    only another 14stone to go :sigh:​
  13. oneday at a time

    oneday at a time likes to post

    Hi congratualtions on your weight loss, dont think of what you have to lose just take it one day at a time and you will get there. good luck in your weight journey.
  14. 26_Stone_Girl

    26_Stone_Girl Member

    hello everyone

    24stone 9 yesterday, and i got slimmer of the week! :D
  15. Crazybecky5

    Crazybecky5 Green tea advocate!!

    Well done! That's fantastic!! :)

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