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  1. Sammii

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    Hey everyone :)

    I'm back af
    ter an atrocious Christmas/term at uni! I've managed to put on a stone which means that I've gained half of the weight I'd lost back. :eek:

    I'm very ashamed of myself - I have a
    thousand and one excuses - the main one being that I was living on a £10 a week food budget in my last few weeks of term due to overspending and so I was living off calorific cheap noodles and pasta - but ultimately I have to admit that I just fell off the wagon and ate waaaaay too much! :eek:

    back now though, and I'm very determined to lose the weight I've gained before I go back to uni - that's just over 5 weeks to lose a stone (which I know is very ambitious!!) - I'm hoping that I'll have a big loss this week though to kick start the process. ;)

    (Plus, I'm a
    t home atm moment which means that I don't have to worry about how expensive healthy food is because my mum does the shopping :D:D)

    te the... hiccup :)p) my diet has suffered recently, I'm still determined to be skinny for summer so I can wear pretty dresses without being self-conscious about my legs/arms/stomach!!

    So I'm going
    to keep a food diary on here - and stick to it this time!! - hopefully I'll stay on the straight and narrow if I have to admit to my slip-ups on here!

    Today I'm having:
    t: porridge (220)
    lunch: egg whi
    te omelet (150)
    dinner: soup (250) and a roll (200)
    total: 820

    Food shopping day is tomorrow so I'll make my mum stock up on fruit/veg etc and hopefully I'll have a good loss next Sunday!!

    I hope you're all doing
    better than I am at the moment!

    - Sammi x

    PS, I'm s
    ticking to 1,000 - 1,200 kcals p/d :)

    PPS, sorry a
    bout the length of this!! I didn't realize how much I was rambling!
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  3. dryads

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    Good luck Sammii let us know how you get on xxx
  4. Emmaline

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    Hi Sammii, First of all - why should you feel ashamed? I am amazed at the way people take on this aspect of being a "sinner" when you were actually exercising your free choice. So that would be a good start to get rid of the feeling that whenever you don't stick to the "plan" 100% you are being wicked when in fact you are just being human!! None of us can do anything perfectly so when those blips or hiccups occur just own them and get back to healthy eating a.s.a.p.
    All the very best to you....:)

    Btw where are you getting your calorie counts from?
    The foods you have quoted seem to have a very high cal count.
  5. lindseydodd408

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    Welcome back Sammii, well done for only putting on a stone, it could have been much worse!!! I bet you can shift most of that in week one just through getting the heavy food out of your system and good hydration. Let us know how you get on. x
  6. Fattack

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    Hi Sammii

    First of all, best of luck! Second of all, your calorie intake seems to be very low. 1200 is the minimum for the *average* woman on a diet (and by average, I mean being mobile, no health problems affecting your metabolism etc.) so try to stick around there as a minimum :)
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