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An awful SW weekend

It really has been a terrible weekend, food wise. I feel so down and fed up. Ive started the day out well, but then, in the evening will eat a bowl of cereal, pringles and chocolate. And now i'm peed off with myself that ive done it again. I really think that its because I have no money, and haven't been able to buy the things I was nibbleing on, like mullerlights and fruit, this worries me, as I dont get paid for another 10 days, what am I going to do when I run out of mince, quorn, etc? Then I really will be in trouble. I know this is a cheap diet compared to things like LL and CD, but when you're skint, you're skint. I usually end up eating nothing, or scabbing off my dad, which is always freezer food, like pizza or burgers, because that's what he has. Feeling very low right now.:cry:
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Desperate to be slim!
Keep your chin up hun! Some Ideas that may help a little... you can always have lots of green days as pasta is really cheap, I eat a lot of it for that very reason!
Also, make your own veg soup, with whatever veg you fancy. I make enough for 5 thick portions for about £2 max, then freeze it and it lasts me a week. And that's with what I fancy, rather than what's on offer, so it could be cheaper.
Ummmm.... can't think of anything else right now to eat, but I can think of something my consultant said last week.
This is my first week since I've been doing SW that it's a little out of my control, as I am eating at my Nan's tomorrow, and out on Tuesday, and then next week I am out for a friends birthday, which will be way too many alcoholic syns.
Jenny said to me "Emma, you have to have a life. Sometimes things get in the way, but you will get back on track as soon as you practically can, and then you just draw a line under it." I thought about it a lot, because I have been stressing about the weekend, and actually, she's right, I'm only 23, I should go out and have a laugh every so often.
Keep smiling hun, don't feel crappy, just know that you will get back on plan when you can. xXx
Soups are easy hun, all you need is to make up a pint of stock using vecon/chicken bovril (both free) and then cook whatever veg you fancy (I do leeks and potatoes) then blend it all together and you have a free soup!, you can also use tomatoes and add some basil to make a yummy tomato and basil soup, you can buy a packet of broth mix (lentils and pearl barley) for about 60p and cook that in plain water for a couple of hours make a gorgeous cheap lentil soup too that is really filling
Just think student!!
Think pasta, rice, instant noodles, baken beans are soooooo cheap! Pringles and chocolate are really expensive!!!
Supermarkets usually have a reduced section so check that out for cheap meat you can freeze. Your dad probably has some frozen mixed veg you can use!! Just get yourself through to the next pay day!!
If all else fails go round your mates and get them to cook for you HEHE.
Keep going!! You've done really well so far!!

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