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An "I'll show 'em" Thread

I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we visualise parading in front of those who dissed us in the past with our fabulous new looks and amazing figures.

There's only two rules: you should be as b1tchy and indiscreet as possible ;)

OK I'll start: There's a choir I sing with once a year for a week's course, and apart from on fb, that the only time I really see this set of people. It can be very cliquey which is terribly irritating. One set of females believe they are top dogs (quite literally, actually), one of whom looks down on everyone else and has at least 3 different changes of size 10 clothes per day and delights in flaunting herself around (worse still, she's got a boyfriend and never talks about him!). She's a rubbish singer and only gets away with being on the singing week because she sees herself as "social secretary".

I'm soooo going to enjoy this August... hahahahahah!

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My auntie (who is the same size as me) and one of my cousins (who is a tiny size 8 even after having 5 kids, the cow!) always say that I will never lose weight and will always be fat. When they know I'm starting a diet they mock me and say horrible things (mostly behind my back to my mum)

Well since starting exante I have been avoiding all family get-togethers so they wont see me losing weight. At the end of november my brother is having a huge 21st bday party and I want to turn up there having lost lots of weight and show them that I CAN do this. I cant wait to see their faces when they see me! I know I wont be at goal but I'll be getting there. :D
Hmmm well I live in Cornwall and my family live in Leicester I've always been the fat one with dowdy clothes who eats everything. Well not no more :)


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My friend who is the same size as me often gets little digs in to me about how overweight I am. I cant wait till I can show her up - in a nice way of course TEEHEE.
Ooo good one! Well I have a family event in September and there will be people there I haven't seen in a while and if I can get to goal by then I font think they will recognise me! I can't really be *****y as I have been lucky enough to have a very nice family who don't say anything about my weight to my face (although I can pretty much guarantee they say it behind my back!) x
Welll I think you all know what mine will be lol a certain hag of an ex friend! Hubby has given me permission when I get to goal to go up the school and flirt like mad with her hubby! Bi***y I know but what she said and did to me was way worse! Also I want to show my stuck up cousin who is almost a mirror image of me she refers to me as the fat version of herself! She even says looking at me and seeing what she would look like fat stops her overeating!
What a cracking thread :D

I have 2 skinny minny sisters, one older, who lives in London, and one younger who lives in the same town as I.

My older sister is pretty much constantly going on about weight loss, and going to the gym and all the other things associated with dieting :(.
She used to ask me if I had lost any weight, every time I spoke to her... but as luck would have it, she recently met a new man, round about the time I started Exante, so she hasn't asked me if I have lost any weight.
I guess she has other things on her mind ;).
I will be visiting her in September, and cant wait to see her face :D

I hardly see my younger sister, although we only live a few miles apart.
For some reason, only known to her, she has always had a jealous streak, regarding anything to do with me.
There has been the odd catty comment over the years from her regarding my weight, which I have always shrugged off. I just dont think it is worth it to take her bait... and I know it winds her up more, by not answering her ;)
But it was almost as if, she was glad that I was so overweight.... as if, somehow that was justice for her not having a good job/house/husband/boyfriend/good teeth whatever !!
The past two months I have been actively avoiding anywhere I know she will be :)
I want to have lost a fairly serious amount of weight before she see's me...maybe by about end of July ;)
It will be interesting to see if she is chuffed or not for me :rolleyes:

Aye, Ye cannae choose yer family ;)
Wow! This thread is fab! It's great to see that I'm not the only one looking to get one over kinda thing. I was a size 10 in 2009 and in the December I fell very unwell and ended up in hospital once I started to get better they put me on the depo injection and that's where my problems started! Since December 2009 I have gained 3stone 10lb!!! Not due to food cos I pretty much ate the same as normal but I wasn't allowed to exercise and I think that contributed to my weight gain! Now all my friends say I'm better being tubby and that I'll never be slim again... I want to prove them wrong! Im due my depo injection in 3weeks but I'm not getting it- I want to lose the weight and be happy. I get married in 2013 and I want to fit into a size 10 dress! Lol and I am gunna prove everyone wrong, I can do it! Think having seen how strong minded all you guys are is inspiring - your always being helpful and if u slip up you don't beat yourself up about it. It's great motivation! I've done it a week now and the next 11weeks should be a doddle fingers crossed :)


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Great thread Gina. You are full of good ideas!

I would like to parade in front of my mother and father in law who are obnoxious and find fault with everything I do.

And my sisters in law who have written me off as a fat slob. Ok I may be a slob but at least I won't be fat anymore!!!


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