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an odd idea... HELP!!!!!


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im struggling so much and i cant understand it.. a few weeks ago i didnt even feel like i was on a diet and now im getting urges!

getting to the point- im craving cereal like theres no tomorrow, i really dont want to blow out and have been thinking if i could make my own cereal around the diet, as a one off...

im thinking of crumbling up a tescos meal replacement bar, and adding about 2 tablespoons of one of my shake packs with a bit of water to make a milky taste... put it in a little bowl and eat it like cereal... lol!

do you think i could get away with this and it will be safe?!!! im really going crazy lol :/ theres just something about eating cereal!

and also to really push the boat out could i crumble up 2 bars at the same time... as i dont think id get much "cereal" out of one!

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Hmm... wonder if you are craving iron? Could explain why the sudden urge to eat cereal. I know when my iron is a little low i always always want to eat cereal and spring green cabbage (not together obviously lol)
I just dont want to mess things up... argh i think it would help me though
I'd assume as long as you stuck to your 3 packs all together it wouldn't have mattered... go for it.. crumble the bar and use a bit of your shake. You can always have the rest of your shake for lunch and then your soup for evening meal :)
When I did lipotrim a few years ago some people would mix their "flapjack" with a bit of warm vanilla shake to make a sort of porridge. I don't think it ever affected their weight loss or anything x

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Don't worry hun, your body might just be fighting back or maybe TOTM soon which could explain the hunger. If your sticking to the diet you WILL lose weight, good luck chick x

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I want to lose the weight so much.. i might hit target this time next month and i know if i do a proper cheat im going to feel even worse than i am now... nee to keep it together... i dont know why im so hungry... maybe totm due but its hard to tell because ive never had on que periods lol


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The bar mixed up with shake should be fine. Be careful going up to 2 bars, as that will have more carbs in.... but if you need to that's gotta be better than splashing out on real cereal!
It's so hard when we have days / weeks where our bodies seem to be craving other things, I've been like that this week with chocolate - but it feels so good to have resisted it...and eventually the scales will show it!
It's Sunday so they don't open until 10. They close at 12AM and re-open at 10. Sunday trading laws isn't it. They do however re-open at 12AM Monday morning now instead of 8AM lol
Sunday hours though, think they open about 10 round here & have to shut at 5. Nothing worse than sitting in an empty car park waiting for the shop to open!

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lol i best get ready! i feel like im going to run to our biggest loser tescos section... is it just me of do you feel a bit strange picking up the tescos bars and bl bars with shoppers around you


Doing it exante style :)
How did the "cereal" go? Your a bloody genius btw :) xx
Come back and tell us how it tasted! Sounds like a really awesome idea lol! :D

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