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An Off Day


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Don`t want to moan but today has been a real struggle.
I feel very deflated at the moment, soon as i woke up this morning, i was down on myself, i felt really fat and looked at myself in the mirror and told myself why are you doing this,,went to work and it was fine i was my usual happy self.
Have come home and i just wanna crawl away somewhere and left to it.

Does anyone else have these days?

I hate feeling like this, just wondered if others go through the same.

Would of been me and my exes 4th anniversary today, i ended it and i am happy about it but just wondered if maybe sub-consuous is playing a part.
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Hi Bevsy

I'm also having an off day (despite my rant last week after my holiday, off days are rare for me) too. I'll probably be within my calories for the day but I've had way too much chocolate and I think my off day is because I stupidly peeped on the scales today and saw I'd gained a 1lb (which is obviously a natural fluctuation as I've not eaten an extra 3500 calories overnight!), so maybe that is subconsciously affecting me today. Also had a bit of a row with my OH and spilt my healthy snack everywhere as well as losing two weeks work because my external hard drive got corrupted! OH WELL! Usually on my off days I just keep on chugging and then I forget how bad the day was!

Just concentrate on the day ahead of you, one meal at a time. I'm putting my chocolate behind me and focusing on the rest of the day xxx feel better!


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Thanks. I haven`t been bad on the diet at all, but i keep questioning myself and why im doing it.
I know why im doing it but like i say just an off day.


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Just be careful - that's how I started off today - not doing badly, but feeling a bit bad and a bit like my losses over these last months have been slow (averaged out). Just put the bad feelings aside and concentrate on your day - you'll feel so much better and stronger if you concentrate on what you have and what you WILL accomplish by eating well (I hate the word diet!).

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