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An upbeat message from Sez- amazingly!!


has started again!!
I have had a pretty good week, no idea what I have lost as missed my WI due to a planned holiday that didnt happen! However, we have been out and about every day, and had a real holiday at home!

The only tough part of my week, and it WAS tough, was the fact that we shared our week with the family we planned to go camping with, and thus shared meals out etc. I have sat through a bbq, a pub supper, and full roast dinner (with me preparing fresh strawberry and cream flan and brownies for pud), and food "out" at Thorpe Park & afterwards!! Boy was that chatterbox working overtime this week, and there were a few tears and temper tantrums too!!

BUT.. and this is a huge but..... it was all negated by two great things that happened. Firstly, on Monday I was outside a pub, in the Bank Holiday wind (!!) chatting to a very close friend. I have know her & her family for many many years. Her 17 year old daughter came up with her boyfriend for a drink. (I have known her since she was tiny!!) She completely blanked me, and it was not until her Mum asked if she was going to say hello that she gasped, in genuine surprise, and said she did not recognise me!! I was sooooo chuffed!!

The next thing was our visit to Thorpe Park. When we went to Alton Towers last year, I was so enormous, fat, gross and hideous that I could not fit in the seats for many of the big, thrill rides. I was sooo ashamed and so miserable. Admittedly, I kind of ignored it, and as us foodies do, turned to food for consolation. But the feelings festered for a while and once a couple of other things had happened, LL's pull was too strong!

As we came across one of the test seats for the Nemesis Inferno ride yesterday, I almost held my breath. I know I have lost a lot of weight, but my head is still catching up with my body, and I didnt really believe I would be able to fir into it. Imagine my total joy and delight when, not only did I "manage" to fit, but I fit into the seat & harness with ease.

I went on the thrill rides I wanted to including Stealth (OMG!!!!), but even then, in the queues, I was checking out the other people in case I had made a mistake & would be turned away at the ride itself, because of my size. I was literally on Cloud 9:character00100: all day. Also, any idea if adrenalin burns fat faster, coz if so I would have had one heck of day!!!!

The only minor downside, if you can call it that, was that after walking, running, playing around a theme park, and carrying umpteen litres of water in my backpack LOL, from 10am to 7.30pm, on only 3 packs (one left at home as thought we would be back sooner!), I was totally, utterly and completely exhausted. I could barely summon the effort the move.....

Still small price to pay, for a great day and a fabby week!! I am on top again, lets hope it lasts!!

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finding my way again !
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you must be so chuffed, know what you mean about head catching up, but i think you well & truly saw the results of your hard work :party0049::party0038::party0011::party0011::party0011:
I'm really pleased you've had a good week Sez. I'm also dead impressed you went on Stealth! I like rollercoasters but I looked at that and thought, "No!". Remember this week if you ever have a bad day again - hope you don't; you've had enough tough times!

Just Do It

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Sez, its fab to see you are feeling great.
I love the fact that you can fit into the seats this year. What a triumph.

Way to go and hope you feel this upbeat for a long time.

You deserve gold stars a plenty for all of that.


I am really chuffed for you slinking into the seat at the theme park. May you always remember that feeling and keep it in the bag.

You are doing really well and have another good week,

Sounds like a FABULOUS time you have had!!!!

Wow, you must look so different that your friend's daughter failed to recognise you!!! That is HUGE!

Well done!!

Cherry Plum

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Sez, I'm so pleased for you, well done.
You did so well around food.
That must have been great your friends daughter not recognising you.
Hopefully you'll stay on this high for a bit longer.


Hopeful for the future
Well done Sez,
What a wonderful week you've had - best of all the compliment from your friend's daughter.
Great work

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