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Extra Easy Anchovy

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Tinned anchovies and the swedish style ones you can get at deli counters are not at all the same thing, as you have discovered!

You can use tinned anchovies in sauces, on pasta, on pizzas, etc. They are very salty and strong-tasting, so you don't need too much.

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Ah! Will be investing in more swedish style! YUM!

Thanks - I did wonder about pasta sauce though now I could try the HEb pizza if I could make it to a Tesco!
I know that you can get some very nice swedish anchovies on the deli counter at Waitrose - I have never looked anywhere else, but I am sure that other supermarkets sell them too. You can also buy them in jars.

For making a sauce, if you chop an onion and cook it in frylight, then add some of the tinned anchovies cut up into pieces, you will find that as you stir it all about the anchovies disintegrate and so you don't get pieces in your sauce, just a yummy, salty, background flavour.

I love them, but they are one of those "marmite" things - love them or hate them!!
seen Gino Diacampo put them as the base of a tomato pasta sauce just a bolognaise type sauce and he added them at the start and they just 'melt' then add your garlic and onions etc toms and simmer, apparently its very good adds loads of flavour and doesn't come across all 'fishy' not tried it yet though, might get adventurous tonight x

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