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And I have just bought...


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Ooohhhh nice. I'm such a shopaholic! I went to buy gym tops and came home with tracksuit bottoms!!!! Gotta stop spending money but had to replace all my trackies as they were falling down lol :)

Love that dress xxx


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Me too - I am turning into a shopping monster and I must stop. I know what you mean about joggers, I hold by pj bottoms up with a hair bobble at the back!! I also bought a fake leather bomber jacket today, 2 days after buying a real leather jacket on ebay - I just can't stop myself - could be worse, could be shopping as I am bursting out of stuff (like I did before)!!


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Lovely dress and great that its such a bargain!! Im really trying to get by for now buying as little as possible so I can save up for when I loose more but it is difficult!

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LOL...a hair bobble!!! hehehehe. I thought my bottoms were fine until i went to run at the gym and they started falling down and not slipping but falling. Had to pull them up hahahahahahahaha and then power walk holding the waist band. Still tho I found lovely bottoms in a size small in TKMax (my new favourite cheap shop) and went for the stretchy tight type as I was never able to get away wearing them before :) So I bought the same pair again today..... well.... i need too pairs for the gym don't I ? lol I'm sooooo bad x


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This dress from Peacocks, a bargain at £18. It is for a family BBQ for 4 birthdays next weekend. Best thing - bought it in a 16 and it is lovely, really light jersey. This diet is so good - for me, not my bank account tho ;)

It's gorgeous hun! You will look stunning :)

I need another new dress too for my Mother in laws 50th! I wonder if Peacocks have an online buying? :p

Hugs x x x


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Emma - they do do online ordering - that is where I got the picture - just peacocks.co.uk

This is great as I buy bits and pieces there but some stores have limited lines and there is a wide range on the web.

Happy hunting...

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Yeah I am worried. I'm concerned I could pile the weight back on even tho I have no intension of ever going back there again. All my big clothes have gone to charity and I now have a small wardrobe that I want to keep fitting in to. It's all a bit scary. I really just want to get to goal and learn to maintain. Just feeling a bit wobbly having been rubbish for 2 weeks on and off (after a good run).
Don't mind me, just taking each day at a time now and on track now :) xxx


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love the dress and cant agree more about the shopping addiction hun!
I'm HOOKED!!! :)


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