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And now THIS week's challenge...



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GL Rose!

I'm weighing in tomorrow and it's going to be a massacre so I want to hit back with a 7 this week. Should be doable with all that water weight to crush...
Good luck to you both! J - you'll blast it off - just keep going! And Draism - 2lbs? You said that last time and got 4 off! I'll hold you to your 2 but I'll be hoping for more! lol

I hope you become good friends! lol Abs - sigh - I wonder what that's like! ;)
Can I aim for 3 for Sunday plz


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I'm going to aim for 2lbs this week, I lost 3.4lbs last week but don't think I will be so lucky again. Fingers x'ed for Sunday.

This week's challenge will also involve trying to get back to the gym cause I haven't been in a month :( and surprisingly I kind of miss it.

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Molly and Zion - get it done! COME ON!!


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BlackRose said:
Molly and Zion - get it done! COME ON!!

Well this week I lost 1.2lbs!

I didn't make the 2lbs mark but its my TOTM and so I'm very happy with my lb because I normally gain around now. I feel like I'm holding water so hopefully I will have a whoosh next week!

I also didn't make it to the gym, so I didn't meet that challenge either but next week's the week!

Hope you've all had a good week :)

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Excellent Z!! The way I feel right now I'd be delighted with that loss too! 1.2lbs closer to goal -WOOP WOOP!!
This weeks WI - I don't want to talk about it. :(
I gained 3! Not even through breaking, but, I'm assuming, through not doing things right. Feel so stupid. If I'd done things right, that could have been a loss and I wouldn't have wasted a week! blaaaaaaa. Dust it off, carry on!
LOL. I wish I could say the same! :D Among other things, I was only eating once a day, I drank virtually NO water but tonnes of coffee -with cream. I also had next to no activity because I'm doing a big essay which is consuming all my time and energy. I've been in ketosis but that clearly isn't enough to ensur a loss!

I'm just going to have to get it together and make sure I do it properly. I'm not helping myself by being careless.
I think I might actually because I did weigh in after breakfast and a cuppa - but still 3lbs seems just crazy to me! I mean, I wouldn't have been surprised to stay the same, I've been very bloated (and loo-challenged.), but even at that 3lbs is too much. I think you're right, I'll weigh in again in the morning. Thank you! :)


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No worries

Only reason I say that is because I check my weight at least 3 times a day and I factor in various things, like weight of food that I eat, whether I've visited the gents (to put it politely), and also to monitor whether certain food/ingredients might slow me down. One example would be where last monday morning I weighed in at 14st 5, but I hadn't eaten much the week before. That night I had a massive kebab, which was also breakfast tues morning. Tues night I had a massive curry ...so by weds morning I was 14st 8/9.

So this morning I found I'm 14st 5 again (albeit stable rather than bordering 14st 6) hence 1/2 lb loss ...but I had eaten more last week - so it's taken into account. See where I'm getting at? I know you didn't have much last week but there's various factors, like as you said - you just had breakfast so you could have been on the lower end of a number this week and higher end of a number last week.

I'm probably not making sense but you might be suprised tomorrow morning. Would be interested to hear
No, I think I do know what you mean. :D I try to only weigh myself the once a week though, cus I'm too easily swayed by numbers.

Roll on tomorrow morning - if the scales still say 3lbs or Lord above, more -I'm blaming you Dra! LOL

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