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and Pro's in the house on this new Pro point system.

I am 4 days in to the pro points WW diet and feeling fatter than ever, Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track. I want to lose a stone and I have given myself 29 points per day, and 49 points for the week.

Am I right in saying I can use the 49 anytime during the week if I want too. But i cant carry them over.

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Yep thats true most people have 29per day the 49 extra can be used all on one day or you can spread them out as you want,its only my second week on ww and last week i was so strict just used my 29 each day and didnt touch my 49 extra (they are only there to use if u need them) but if u use them everyweek u can stil lose weight. Bur i only lost 1.5 and u felt lots slimmer,this week iv used all my points all my extras and i feel stuffed!!! Mayb i will lose more! Ha my weigh in is tomorrow at 6 so i will see then i guess.
Good luck with your journey! X

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weewelshlass said:
hi there thank you for replying. Can i just ask one more thing, should I be on less points as i only need to lose a stone? Good luck to you too xx
29 is the minimum daily points you can be on, so nope, you shouldn't be on any less
weewelshlass said:
hi there thank you for replying. Can i just ask one more thing, should I be on less points as i only need to lose a stone? Good luck to you too xx
Im the same i want to lose a stone,its really hard tho,all my friends have big losses every week 2-4.5 a week! And im doing it slow an small losses,but i have less to lose.
I was soo good and i actually felt really de motivated and upset,maybe as we both only have a little to lose we can buddy up an help each other?? X

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I can haz cake?
I am 4 days in to the pro points WW diet and feeling fatter than ever, Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track. I want to lose a stone and I have given myself 29 points per day, and 49 points for the week.

Am I right in saying I can use the 49 anytime during the week if I want too. But i cant carry them over.

You say "given yourself 29pp" have you actually worked it out properly with the formula?

Thank u all for your advice. have any of u tried the new ww app its really good and only cost two pounds x I worked out my points allowance and and 29 is all I'm allowed. was hoping for a surprise In extra points lol, guess I am not that lucky.
ive got the ww app but mine was free, if you pay and go to meetings you get the online part and app free, i find it so helpful, even for meal ideas and the trackers good too!
How are you finding it now?? are you exercising too?? iv lost 3.5pounds in 2 weeks and im actually really proud, my leader said tonight considering i only need to lose a stone(max) that my weightloss is really good,but from now on i should aim for 0.5/1 a week,which im fine with aslong as i lose another 3/4pound by end of may.
do you have a diary on here as to what foods your eating, as i love having a nose a peoples food for ideas.
Hi :wave_cry:

Id love to kee in touch and exchange meals etc. I havent gone to any meetings and am hoping I can do it myself. I do exercise about 3 times a week I go running/walking at least 5 miles. This is only my 5th day but today i have found it easy on the new pro points.

Today I ate for breakfast, pineapple chunks and a banana (0 points)

mid morning snack was a blueberry WW biscuit (2 points)

Lunch time I had a ham sandwich (ww bread (4 points) with a packet of snack a jacks (2 points)

Tea I had ww bolognese with 1 ww bread (9 points) with low sugar jelly (0 points)

and for supper I have had another two biscuits with a cup of tea (6 points as I had to count the milk)

and I cheated and had a slice of pepparoni which was 2 points

grand total of 25 points woohoo!!!!

This is a really good day for me and I am actually going to bed feeling content not half starving. I dont know if it was because it was the weekend but I found in hard and have used 17 points out of 49 from the week total already. I dont know if that is anything to worry about?

I am now aware that the fruit and the veg are free so quess what i am eating tomorrow lol.

I have ordered the new pro points eating out book from ebay and at the mo the every day food I work out on my app from the ingredients. That should be ok should'nt it.?

Any tips you can help me with. Oh yes I have one, drink lots of water, my gosh it dont half fill you up. Stops me eating anyway lol
using some of your 49 isnt bad at all, my leader says to use them all as thats what they are there for! ha. What day are you weighing yourself? i get weighed tuesday and i tend to use half of my 49 straight after weigh in as a treat (like today i used the rest of my 29 plus 12 weeklies and had a kfc!!) but ill save the rest for saturday night when i have some drinks :) you can either use all your 49 at once, or spread them out throughout the week its completely up to you, in my first week i only used 8, last week i used them all and lost more weight than i did my first week!!
i also drink lots of water, on days i go the gym i probably drink more than 2L which is great.
Which bread are you having btw?? as most ww bread is 1pp for 1 slice, and 3pp for 2?? just check on your calculator as that was something i missed at the beginning.
I really enjoy the WW spagbol, i have it with WW garlic bread baguette 4pp per mini baguette and really nice too!
i also like to have a snack of popcorn after my tea, the small packet of butterkist is 3pp :) if u have a sweet tooth!
Good luck and im looking forward to following your weight loss xx
Been as I started on friday I will way on friday.

My statistics are 9 stone 3 hoping to get to 8 stone as soon as possible. If you have any good recipes let me know, as i know i get fed up withthe WW meals now and again and am so diappointed to find out the chips that were once 2 are now 5 GRRR!!!

The bread, urm I am not sure just know it is WW. Thats crafty though, one point for one and three points for two.. mm will have to watch from now on.

I wish you all the best and look forward to keeping on track with you. You just made me laugh out loud with your comments on the weighing day about eating half or all after weigh in. You got me thinking now lol
Hey there, im a newbie too ... hoping to loose about a stone also ... im strugglin to eat all my points in a day ..... Im use to hardly eating so for me this diet is weird as i feel like i eat so much, hehe .... its nice to feel more refreshed and have more energy tho : D .... If you want a diet buddy, i would love to share diaries with you, etc .... : D Love Claire xxxxxxx
well then i have 7days to be good :) haha not sure how long it will work for,but if i can get away with it, i will :)
also digestive biscuits are 2pp each or 2 for 5pp, its like punishment for having 2 isnt it!
I have the brown danish ww thin bread as thats 2 for 2pp, but all other 1pp bread is defo 2 for 3pp..sorry :(

i was at 9 6.5, and today i weighed in a 9.3 so we are currently the same! i see a little competition coming on :)
i was to get to 9 stone for end of may when i go on holiday with the girlies for a hen do, and i want to get to 8.6 for my wedding in december, so ive got a long time to do it but i get bored easily of diets so its sticking to it which i will find hard.
i have a diary on here which i update daily so feel free to read that and pinch some ideas. One of my favs at the mo is pitta pizza breads.
1 x pitta 4pp ( 2pittas in 24hours are 9pp tho)!
spoon of tomato puree 0pp
2 slices of ww cheese 2pp
1x lean ham 0pp
tomato 0pp

under the grill....= lovely little pizza snack :)
Yes of course it'l be nice to be able to help each other out and exchange tips. Im finding it hard to only eat 29 and you cant eat them all gosh, please tell me what your eating, coz even though today I have been good and even have points left over, I found in the last 5 days I have tried this out, I struggle with sticking to the points.
carly how do I read your diary? Pizza snack sound lush. Competion hey bring it on lol just kidding, i will be more suprised than anyone if I lose this week. I so hope so, tune in on Friday, I will be weighing as soon as Iget up, as you are aparently lighter first thing LOL
Today ive eaten ...
Brekkie - Sausage butty (1xmorrisons low fat sausage) + (2xlittle warburtons toastie bread) Banana (4 pp)

Dinner - Chicken salad (50g's pre cooked chicken + zero pointed salad) + 2x crusts away bread (3pp)

Tea - Beef Chow mein + 3 prawn crackers from the chinese ( Ive pointed this as 12 coz i dunno what the real value is )

Ive put about 2 points for brews i have in the day

and i still have 7 points left .......... Im stuffed LOL :sigh: xxxxxxx
OMG EIGHT points actually :sigh::sigh::sigh: :eek:
go to weight watchers main link on here, and go to diarys, mine should be there, the time will be about 2 hours ago. if your doing it on your phone which i find easier than the pc, once your replied to it, you will get a notification every time i add a diary entry so you never miss it, on your phone it will be under current and participated once you've commented on my diary.
Im sure you'll do fine this week, friday is the best time to weight then u can have a brilliant bbq filled weekend! haha :)
i was really upset last week because i tried soo hard and hardly used any extra points and only had a small loss, but as we havent got much to lose, you probably wont lose 3-5pounds on your first week like most people do in classes, its better to have smaller regular losses anyway, just aim for 0.5/1pound a week and you will be fine :) xx
CLAIRE - Fair play Claire you done well there and that is some eating. I must be eating the wrong type of foods as my points are withering away really fast through out the day. What day to you weigh, so we can support each other. x

CARLY - thanks, i will try and find it now, im on the computer as i find the phone takes to flipping long to load. Well girls good luck for the next couple of days and keep i touch, il let you know how the weigh in goes on FRIDAY.

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