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  1. Missbuggerlugs

    Missbuggerlugs New Member

    After leaving the Cambridge diet over 3 years ago Ive managed to put all the weight back on! Im not going to grumble though.

    In those 3 years Ive accomplished lots of things and felt great in myself all the way through and all because of this diet..
    It will be 2 years in July I met my boyfriend and lets just say I feel very comfortable around him and thats half the reason Ive gained back all the weight.
    Recently Ive started to get really low about my weight as its creeping up every time I go back on the scales. I just keep remembering how good I felt when doing this diet and the buzz it gave me. Using this forum helped immensly with losing my weight too as you are so very supportive and kept me on the right track.
    To also help spur me on, I'm going to start a little photo journal on here to show the progressionof my weight loss.

    Ive just arranged a meeting with my consultant and hopefully will be starting it next Monday 25th Feb.


    And good luck with everybody else who has started it.Together we can do this!
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  3. Missbuggerlugs

    Missbuggerlugs New Member

    Well Ive seen my consultant, got my shakes and soups and start tomorrow. Feeling super positive and cant wait to get back on it!

  4. Nicki xWx

    Nicki xWx Full Member

    Well done!! Good luck!!! Xxx
  5. Missbuggerlugs

    Missbuggerlugs New Member

    day 7 and had my weigh in school*drum roll*......11pounds and a half!

    over the moon with that as this week has been super tough but this has spurred me on big time!
  6. Nicki xWx

    Nicki xWx Full Member

    Wow!!!! Xx

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