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ProPoints And so it begins again!

Hi all

i have been on these forums previously trying to lose weigt and I am back after losing weight on ww pro points this year for my wedding. I still was big I have since put it back on and then some and am now my biggest ever at 18.7 stones although I am guessing as one scales said error and mine at home only go to this weight so who knows

i have lots to lose and I am determined to do it this time and for good as I can't keep going to way I am just eating aimlessly whenever I want a sugar fix or am bored

i read something today about why we eat and I think I am a bit of all of the categories I eat when bored, when happy, when upset and I can binge. I just love to eat rubbish and by that I mean chocolate and lots of it and bad choices...I can't stop myself it is ridiculous

this time I have re logged into my ww app and I have logged my food today and ate far more fruit than I have for ages.. I know how it feels when I am in control and plan and it works I will make this work as I cannot get bigger or I will end up in hospital and single as my hubby hates how I am now.

i will be posting and looking at your posts to give me motivation as you helped me before

good luck everyone x
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Hey hun, good luck! we are all in same boat so dont forget that! My moto for 2015 is LETS GET IT DONE!! even if it takes years I hope to be less this time next year xxx


And Again...........
Day two as well :)hugely positive start - excercise coming in next week and looking forward to getting back to that.

Taking some me time this year, I work loads and am uni so scaled back some of my paid jobs to focus on uni, weight loss and fitness! Planned your meals for tomorrow? I have done mine. Find it helps loads :)
Well done for day 2. I think we should pat on the back for every day as it all counts.

i had planned the last two days and stocked up on low point snacks. Found met calves 17g bags of sweet and salty popcorn and they are only 2 points and they are yummy as a treat.

i am having omlette for brekkie, ww meal for lunch and a pork steak for dinner but not sure what to have it with I may have boiled potatoes and carrots.

what about you?

i spend a lot of time in hotels for work so away from home and have to rely on hotel food which isn't great when u r trying to eat healthy.mi still figure I must be eating better than I was before. And I haven't ran to the vending machine once so another result.


And Again...........
I'm at work tomorrow and ts a 12 1/2 hour day so is tricky, soup houmous carrots.yougurts and fruit for me :) should.sort me.tbrough
Hi everyone

not too bad a day today although I have had a hungry day and if someone would have put a biscuit tin in front of me I may have gone back to old ways. I managed to eat lots of fruit again although my tummy feels rather bloated with it

hope it settles down

you are all doing well

i bought a new set of scales today for the bathroom as my others told me to get off when I stood on them so I am officially as of today 18st4lbs so not as bad as I thought but still horrendous. I am going to track my weight daily for a bit to see how I get on and I know you shouldn't but I am nosey with new scales

how is everyone doing?


And Again...........
Don't track your weight daily, look at it as checking in, you might fluctuate a bit and you don't want to be dissapointed!
Hi Claire

hi to you and happy new year.

felt a bit strange today as woke up with a head ache but ok now. Had porridge for brekkie and apple mid morning and then lunch was a large ham salad which was scrumy.

i also went for an45 minute walk so feeling good today.

i planned my dinner which will be a ww chicken and spinach lasanga which I liege and I will have with either lettuce or carrots.

i so need to plan every day as that will help me stay on track and I feel more in control when I do this.

working from home tomorrow and plan to have similar brekkie and lunch and then just need to figure out my dinner.



And Again...........
Planning is the key. I just went to m and s for s salad and nearly cried... too much choice!! Lol

thanks for your support

i am not sure about a food diary as I already log on my ww app so I don't really want to do it twice unless I can put a link re my app on the site as a post but not sure if that is possible.

i am on day 5 today and I have been out for an hours walk today and ate well as I planned my food for the day.

i was watching Obese a year to change my life on sky and it really inspired me that if those who took part changed their lives why can't I as I have less to lose although still a lot in my eyes.

i have an app on my phone which is my secret diary to log thoughts but today for my journey I purchased a journal notebook which is very nice to look at and has the words Believe in yourself on the front cover. I thought it was apt for my journey and I could write thoughts and affirmations in on my journey.

does anyone else do this?

how are you all doing today?
Hi hun

tofay I ate the following on pro points and my daily allowance is 37

brekkie - oats so simple porridge pot (5)
tea with semi skimmed milk - (4) for the day
snack - apple
lunch - lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, fat free vinegrete (2) and wafer thin ham (5)
dinner - cold gammon 80g (5) egg (2) mcain straight cut chips 100g (5) olive oil (1)
snacks - french fries (2) popcorn (2)

leaves me (4) still for the evening which is good as I like to nibble in the evening. I also walked for an hour after work as I worked from home today.

what have you eaten today?

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