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And so the story begins....

Self pitty no more!

I thought I would start a diary for myself really and if anyone feels something along the way that I do please pipe up! :wave_cry: Its a long time since I have been on here but I have had a good few failed attempts with CD not even making it past the first couple of days was a particular favourite of mine!

Anywhoo.... I guess Im here because like most Im an emotional eater... I eat when Im happy... and sad... and any other reason I can find I suppose.. It would also be fair to say I do really enjoy my food..

I used to be slim and really confident until I was about 21 and then things changed.. I met the love of my live and ate rings around myself (we are still happily together and Im still happily eating!) In four years I have managed to put on about 6 stones that not true actually I had put on 8 but I have lost 2! Anyway I have got to a point now where I am 25 and I feel like I am actually wasting the good years of my life on being fat complaining about being fat and getting fat!

So I have decided I have 2 options..

1. I decide that Im ok with being fat and learn to deal with that and just get on with it

2. I do something about it

There is no number 3 because that is where I am at the moment complain about it and do nothing!

So I have decided its my time now to do this I can hardly remember what being slim is like anymore but I am vowing now not to have another fat birthday or Christmas etc they are all over oh and I have a wedding next year which just so happens to be my own and If Im not feeling thin and confident that wont be happening because I just wont allow myself to strut down the isle feeling like a beast!

So Im not going to give this a shot Im actually just going to do it this time and get myself sorted once and for all Im sick of being this person its not who I am!

So I will be starting Tuesday and until then I am cutting down to try and make the transition a bit easier!!
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Hey princess all the best for Tuesday I started Monday just gone and it's the second time round for me. I'd say I'm an emotional eater n failed the first time through reacting badly to a negative comment. It has taken me two Years to jump back on to cd but now I am on day five n have told myself to take it 1 step at a time.

Rather surprisingly 4 days have gone quite well without the pangs of hunger getting me, but I did the same as you n reduced the calories the week prior. I think we need to loose roughly around the same so am happy to be support. Keep posting n all the best for Tuesday!
Wow sounds like you are getting on great you must be nearly 7 days on it now let me know how your weighin goes! God I'd love to be you with those first few days over... I'm dreading people asking me why I'm not eating that the only really annoying part..


Bouncy Castle
Hi princess, I'm also on day seven.

I think it's important to keep in mind why you want to do this - you have an image in mind of yourself on your wedding day, so when you might waver, you can think about how important that is to you, and you will do it.

And keep up the diary, we all benefit from reading the shared experiences through another person's eyes.
Hi Pink Princess.....It sounds like we are in a very very similar boat!!! Same sort of weight, starting on the same day, same sort of goal....only difference is I'm 5 11 and about nearly a stone heavier....

Just wanted to say good luck, keep motivated...and maybe keep me motivated too??? I've never done this diet before and I'm really looking forward to it!!!

H xxx
oh and yes....I feel exactly the same as you....fat at 26 is no fun....i feel like i'm missing out on a love life more than anything...fat at 27....I THINK NOT!!! X
Hi Guys

Thanks a mill this place is just so great for support! All I can say is thank god there is an app so when Im having early nights this week starving I can get some motivation from here! :)

So Im really hoping that my shakes are going to arrive today in the post CDC is away on hols but is having them posted to me she is such a dote!

Im not going to lie Im nervous because i need to do this now more than ever and I normally make excuses after the first day or 2 or 3 if I make it that far and its normally along the line of I had a work lunch or I have to go out to dinner or for drinks for an occassion and I see that as my get out clause without feeling too bad! I have the best fiance in the whole world but I have told him to not let me cave as easily Im sure he thinks he is just being nice when Im depressed and starving and I decide to break it so I had the "chat" with him last night and asked him to be harder on me because when my willpower is that low Id say anything to get over that horrible feeling!

I actually put on 2lbs over the weekend (last suppers etc) I feel bigger than I have ever felt before I just cant wait to get started!

I think the line I am going to take with work people is look Im on a diet no I cant have that or go out for lunch and thats it.. Its a bit of a cringe for the first while but I was thinking after to be fair its not that they dont already know that I need to loose weight like its not going to be a huge shock for any of them and they are used to me being on diets the whole time the only thing I hate is when they know what type of diet it is so I think I will let on that I am eating they just wont see it happening like that at weekends I would normally have quite an active social life (as you can tell from my waist line..) but I have decided Im knocking all that on the head now for a while because it too much temptation plus Id much rather go out in 4 weeks time in some new dress a size smaller that would taste so much better that a glass of vino on a friday/saturday night wouldnt it!

Ok come on Mr postie bring those drinks today!!
thats crap....i know when you get your mind to something its awful when you have to put it off....HOWEVER....fingers crossed your packs come tomorrow...if not keep smiling, keep positive and think of it as one more day to mentally prepare!! Here's fingers crossed for you......let us know if you get them in the post tomozza!!! xxx
Hi pinkyprincess,
Thought I would just let you know how I got around the work thing, I work in an office with a bunch of ladies who think nothing of diving into a biscuit tin every two mins. I really did not want to tell them what I was doing, I mean they are all health professionals so would not I hope be anything but encouraging, but I felt that until I was on track I wanted to just get on with it. Its not unusual for me to have soup for lunch so that worked great, I just put it into abowl and ate with a spoon, nobody noticed there was not loads of bread with it, around mid morning with a coffee I have had a CD bar, again nobody questioned because thats normal for me, and of course because everyone knew I was 'cutting down, and trying to avoid carbs' it has gone fairly unnoticed....and so far so good. Is there any chance that this is something you coud try? At least until you are in to ketosis and on your way.

Since I nag my husband to death and he hates me nagging, normally he gives in and I get my takeaway.. nope he said from the very start he was gonna be tough and give in, and although I havent wanted one, I really dont think this time I would get one lol, anyway good luck matey, hope your packs come and you can begin:D

Be brave and positive vibes x
Thanks a mill guys! Really hope they arrive today fingers crossed! That's such a good idea for the office I'm even worse work with all men lol but great idea for the soup!! Also has anyone had the porridge? I've only read about it didn't know that they did any but that would be pretty handy too! I was going to get all tetras because I find them really handy for work no mixing or anything!!


Bouncy Castle
My advice would be to just get one flavour of porridge and see if you like it. It isn't universally popular, put it that way. Of course, after week two you can have the bars, which are perfect for work.

Hope the postman brings your shakes today.
I just had my first porridge.....erm....it wasn't great tbh, but it is okay....x
Thanks guys I might just try one next week and see what it's like tbh I'd say the bars and tetras might just be the way forward for me I've also heard of people freezing the tetras and that being quite nice that is if they ever arrive.. Still nothing yet so annoying when I just want to get started... :-(
Awww man....where are you getting them from?? x
My CDC is away for the next 2 weeks but she said that she would get them delivered directly from the Cambridge warehouse so I could start can't believe the didn't arrive today it's going to be Thursday now :-( just want to get started feel like it's another week wasted!
I know it's hard, but don't feel like that....why not go out and get some slimfast? I know it's not perfect, but at least if you do something, you will feel better and you will be better prepared to start next week??

Or maybe you could go try another CDC in the area just for this week to see if you can get a weeks supply??

Chin up dahl

Hi pinkyprincess, oh dear, is there not another CDC in your area, other than that how about having a couple of carb free days, (unless thats what you have been doing, in which case ignore me lol)it may not be right but its better than nothing, hopefully they will come tomorrow and you can get started : )

Keep positive xx
Thanks guys feeling a small bit more upbeat about it all again I think i was just feeling sorry for myself because I had made the decision to do it which was one I didn't take likely and then the shakes didn't arrive so slight melt down I'm just feeling the biggest I've felt in a long time and just want to get going I know even after a couple of days I'll be feeling the better of being on the shakes! Everything happens for a reason tho and maybe this has been a good thing because it has made me realise how much I want to do it and how low I am about myself and hopefully I can remember this feeling when I'm starving or fancy a glass of wine at the weekend :)

At the end of the day it's only a few months and will change completely how I'm feeling about myself and what I see when I look in the mirror a thin well thinner birthday.. And Christmas... It would be amazing to feel like my old self again I can hardly remember how that feels anymore but carb free day tomorrow for sure and hopeful they arrive tomorrow xx
Good positive thinking....that's the stuff! Not long now! xxx

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