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Andi - week 1


Bye bye bellies!!!

I have 7 stone to lose and I started WW yesterday. Its a long road ahead but I have been inspired by Starlight (thanks for the message Sandy:)) and im ready to get healthy.

I have tried every diet under the sun and if im honest I hate diets. However my GP gave me one heck of a wake up call a few months ago and basically said that I need to lose weight and now. I have been at WW before but messed about, didnt count points and didnt really try at all. This time is different - it has to be!

Yesterday was fine - stuck to my points and even managed to carry over 3 for a treat night.

Im concentrating on getting the food right and then I can work on the exercise. In the meantime im walking my dogs every day.

Looking forward to posting. Anyone any yummy low point treats to share. Is there a recipe for grilled Ryvita and banana?


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Bye bye bellies!!!

Had a good day today.

Breakfast - Gammon steak, poached egg, 1 slice KM crustless, flora light - 6.5 pts

Milk allowance 0.5 pt skimmed milk - 1 pt

Coffee and 0.5 Granola Bar 1.5 pts

Lunch - WW Tuna Pasta Bake 4.5 pts
low fat dressing 0.5 pt
small banana 0.5 pt

Coffee and mini buttons - 1.5 pts

Dinner - very small portion of mash, bit of lamb steak and veg - 4pts
strawberries and scoop of ice cream - 1.5 pts

Coffee and Ryvita with banana and cinamon - 2 pts
Iced Gems - 1.5 pts

25 pts (hopefully 2 to carry over :cool:)

When I look at it in black and white it looks alot of food! I went for a long walk with the muts today but im not taking my bonus points because I dont want to use exercise as an excuse to go mad and eat all round me!
Im looking forward to going to the meeting on Tuesday morning, the leader is lovely and really funny. Anyone tried the ww peanut bars yet they look lovely?



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Oooh you reminded me i bought some peanut bars on Thursday at my meeting and they are in the cubored waiting to be muched but i have run out of points for today now lol


Bye bye bellies!!!
:)Day 3 in the WW House! All is well. Branflakes for breakfast, Count on Us Chicken with cashew nuts for lunch - yum! and spag bol for dinner, that and a load of snacks - 25 points so 2 to carry over for the treat night!;)
Dare I say it but I am chuffed to bits that im sticking to this and I am feeling in control for the first time in months. Im a bit worried though about the rate of weight loss. I am confident that I can stick with it as long as I am seeing a loss but if the losses are low ie 0.5 lbs per week etc I know that I will lose interest. Fingers crossed for Saturdays weigh-in

:character00255: (I love this smiley!)


PS How do I change my thread title?
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Sounds like a good days pointing.... Im totally into Quorn these days for spag bol, its only about 2.5 points for a good portion ;)

Changing your thread takes a bit of practise but its easy once you get the hang of it lol Go to the main WW page and double click to the right of your thread title, itll then allow you to change it :)

Probably best explained here http://www.minimins.com/tutorials/17946-edit-your-title.html


Hi Andi
I'm new here as well, good luck with it, sounds like you're using your points really well. Best of luck for your wi on Saturday.
:)Hi Andi
I joined Ww last Monday, had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 11lb
I wanted to say hello and best of luck:)


Bye bye bellies!!!
Thanks everyone for the posts and the encouragement - it means alot because im not getting it at home - long story:sigh:.

I went to my WW class today - it was fab. Of all the weightloss classes I have been to (and I have been to them all :rolleyes: ) she is the best leader I have ever had. I told her that this time is different and I meant it. I am already lighter than my weigh-in at home last saturday and today was with clothes and food (Saturday was naked and on an empty stomach), so I am a happy bunny :). The only downside is that I am into another stone bracket and lose a point - thats a packet of M&S cou crisps!:cry:

Tuesday night is treat night so I used 3 of my carried over points to have a little treat - slice of chocolate cake.

Still feeling good and im hopeful for a good weigh-in on Saturday ; after that my weigh-in will be the class weigh in on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.:character00201:



Bye bye bellies!!!
Day 5! I have had 21 points today and have left points for something tonight or to carry over. My sister has invited herself to my house for a bit of a doo on Friday night and she is talking about nibbles, pizza and chinese:eek:! I think I will talk her into a chinese take away and I will stay away from the nibbles because once I start munchin it will be Pringle oblivion from there!
I had a SW hi fi bar for breakfast (I know wrong diet but my friend is on that plan and she buys me the bars cause I love them and they have vitamins and fibre added). I had chicken salad for lunch, cou crisps, mini crunchie, nectarine and an apple. For dinner I had M&S sweet and sour chicken. It weird I normally stay well away from ready meals as I found them awful but I decided to ease myself into WW and bought a few Cou and WW meals and so far they have been lovely, especially CoU stuff.
Im off with a friend and the muts for a walk along the seashore. My eldest dog loves the water and swims and rolls in the sand afterwards so I will be vacuming sand up for the rest of the week - like I dont have enough to do..:rolleyes:



Have fun with your sister, good idea about just sticking with the chinese. I'm off out on a hen night on Saturday so I'm saving 4 points each night for it, although I know I'll go way over with the indian and drink. Hope you enjoyed your long walk.


Bye bye bellies!!!
Im sticking to the plan, I really am, but I jumped on the scales tonight and im 2.5 lbs heavier than I was at my meeting. I know its not the change in scales because I checked my own scales after the ww meeting and they were the same. I have felt really "fat" and bloated today and my ankles are all puffy so the only thing I can think of is water retention. Has anybody any ideas how to get rid of excess fluid?
I was really hoping for a least a 5lb loss on my first week and I was well on track for that:cry:.
I will not let this put me off. I have had 23.5 points today and I have left 2.5 points for a treat later.


PS I have read some of my posts and my spelling is sooo bad - sorry. I type quite fast and dont read over it - note to self - READ OVER IT!!!!
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Hi Andi
I've heard that drinking water is good for getting rid of water retention.
Well done for not letting it put you off and enjoy your treat later!

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