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Andys LL Diary. Hi y'all :)

Hi there everyone,

My names Andy and I have decided to do a diary day to day hopefully of my lighter life experience. Now i'm not new to this, well not new to dieting however new to lighterlife and all it promises.

I have my enrolement meeting this evening after a mix up last night when I went for my group and the building was in darkness and noone was there. gutted. I was so geared up for it all last night as I have to say I am a tad sceptical about the councelling as i'm not a touchy feely person and find it quite difficult to relate to other men. I've always been more comfortable with women, dunno why just how I am i suppose.

I have decided that enoughs enough and i have to loose the weight and keep it off. I'm not getting any younger and my 3 favorite people have done me no favours over the years (Ben, Jerry and Earnest). I have plumped for lighter life as I have tried all the others, SW, WW, CS, LT, LC, Atkins and have lost weight on them all but it never stays off. It does for a while but it creeps back on and before I know where I am I am back in the same place I was in the same clothes feeling the same. not good is it. the differance thats attracted me to lighterlife apart from the sructure, is the councelling, even though as I said before i'm not all touchy feely lol. still desperate times call for desperate measures.

I'm raring to go with this now and have been reading all the diarys on here and am feeling so inspired by you all, if I was wearing a hat I'd take it off to you all.

Hopefully one day in the future this diary will inspire someone and make someone feel that there is hope at the end of the day and its not a lost cause.

Thanks for reading so far, more updates later............ hopefully :)

take care y'all

Andy :D :newbie:
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Fab plan to do a diary ive started this week to im on day five today and all is going really well i havent been at all hungry and you do get used to drinking the water advised more each day, sunday i felt like a fish lol, Only thing id say when they ask you what packs you want dont pick too many of one kind i did now my next 2 days are going to be really limited tastewise but saying that ive lost loads too according to my scales, banana shake tastes like the bananas you have with the pink shrimp sweets, strawberry is just like mcdonalds strawberry and the thai chille soup is really quite nice also if you like chile the chile con carne altho an odd texture is quite nice, good luck tonight and everyone seems lovely on here and full of help and advice with fab fab weightlosses xx karen.
welcome Andy good luck on ur journey
Fab plan to do a diary ive started this week to im on day five today and all is going really well i havent been at all hungry and you do get used to drinking the water advised more each day, sunday i felt like a fish lol, Only thing id say when they ask you what packs you want dont pick too many of one kind i did now my next 2 days are going to be really limited tastewise but saying that ive lost loads too according to my scales, banana shake tastes like the bananas you have with the pink shrimp sweets, strawberry is just like mcdonalds strawberry and the thai chille soup is really quite nice also if you like chile the chile con carne altho an odd texture is quite nice, good luck tonight and everyone seems lovely on here and full of help and advice with fab fab weightlosses xx karen.
thanks for this Karen, I'll bear this in mind tonight when I'm picking :).

here goes,

back soon

Andy :)


Tough But Sexy X
Hi Andy and welcome!

You have made the first step, LL is brilliant. I have been on it for 5 weeks now and not struggled at all, the only issue I have is with the water. I do manage 4 litres but not easily.

As for the counselling, it is brilliant touchy feeley its more about talking about situations and people discussing them with the added bonus that the LLC gives you to appropriate tools to switch your thought process.

Anyway you will find so much support and advice on this forum it really helps motivate you and inspres you to achieve your goals.
Thanks TBSX, I'm looking forward to it :)

Update the night before day 1.

[FONT=&quot]Hi everyone,

well the wheels have been set in motion, I have a small bag full of pouches of powder. These are the food packs for my next week, I have no idea what I was expecting I have to say but when you see it all together it really hits home that this is it. Stunned wasn't the word lol.

Well after the first 'counselling' session I felt strange, all my worries and concerns were no more which for me is odd in its self, I'm a born worrier, over analyse everything and tend to hold on to things rather than throwing them out there. During the session I was coming out with things and thinking "where the ***** did that come from" still better out than in I suppose, it made me feel slightly liberated and made me wonder if I had been put under some sort of mind control device as this is not my cup of tea at all, never been to a counsellor and even though I have heard many marvellous things about them I still can’t get the stiff upper lip British thing out of my head so imagine my surprise when I heard myself confessing all sorts to a group of total strangers, things like how I feel inside compared to the outside persona I project and my shameful naughty eating confessions. I'm not talking a pack of mars bars in the car before I get home like my mum used to do (yes that’s right my mum, and sometimes I wonder if I have learned this behaviour) however I have been known to scoff a huge bar of whole nut at 4 am in the morning and then spend the next day thinking what are you doing you mad fool your knackered now cos you couldn't get back to sleep cos of all the sugar rattling round your system. Crazy stuff going on there.

The group I’m with were really nice, they seem a real mixed bag of guys, some have done it before and have come back to it as they have fallen off the wagon and slipped back into old ways and habits, some like myself are doing it the first time, it's good to be doing it that way as the guys that have done it before are good with the advise, coping with it and some do's and don'ts and how to get the best out of it. All the guys who have been doing this for a while have had some amazing weight losses and I’m looking forward to joining them all in their success.

I know it's not going to be easy but in preparation for my journey the fridge has been emptied of all food and desert stuffs that would prove too much to look at every time I go to the fridge to get out an ice cold bottle of water. Unfortunately they have all been eaten by us (Me and OH). I know it’s not ideal and is only going to delay the inevitable hunger pangs after three days on this when my body goes into carb withdrawal shock and attempts to betray my efforts by making me crabby and desperate for something that’s not allowed but you try throwing a marks and Spencer double chocolate, pecan and salted caramel brownie away. It just can't be done.

Alls ready for tomorrow now, food packs sorted out, shaker washed and ready, instructions have been read, scanned and read again just so I know what I'm doing in the morning. I'm soooooo not a morning person. Porridge first thing then shakes for while I’m at work. Will have a soup for my dinner in the evening and then a shake before bed. All sounds pretty reasonable so let’s give it a bash.

I WILL SUCCEED!!!!! [/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot]:D

Guys and Gals thanks for reading this, and thanks to everyone who’s left messages of support.

As I've said before I've never done a diary or a blog. Still it’s a time for change.

Till tomorrow

Ciao for now

Andy x
the whole 4am snacking was one of my downfalls..... thought i was the only one that did that! x
Day - 1

good morning all,

well day one, I've woke up in the throws of a sugar induced crash after the fridge empying yesterday. Bah not impressed.

porridge for breakfast, I was so sure I had followed the instructions but it looked horrid, still I don't really care how horrid something looks, it's what it does and how it tasted......... frankly ........... the jurys still out. it had a strange taste, almost like Chicken. not a strong taste but a definate similarity.

right my lovelies, I'm off to work, shake for lunch Ooooooo what flavour to have, might have banana or chocolate.

more later on



Tough But Sexy X
Hey, loved the diary entry yesterday so honest, almost refreshing. Your head is in a good place, once you get your first weigh in out the way you will have such a buzz it will spur you on in the future. But for now concentrate on drinking your water and keeping your mind active to until you get into Ketosis.

Good luck today!
Day 1 is very exciting isn't it, I remember bring my food packs home and thinking 'this is not a weeks food!!!' But I got through week 1 and lost 8lbs. I am now on day 10.

Just some advice that I found helpful in my first week...
Drink water! a lot of the first weight loss is water retention, so if you drink more the less water you carry around, if you have a good weight loss the first week you'll have more motivation to continue!

I have porridge everyday for breakfast and I put in a little bit of a shake pack for flavour. I then have that shake for lunch because you cant leave the packs open for long.
you will find a way to make it how you like it, some use a blender so its smooth but I like lumps, it's like real porridge. also let it sit for a little bit after microwaving and keep stiring, it will go thick and lovely!

also wash your bowl/shaker straight after, if it dries on its a bugger to clean!

Also I have bee making 'crisps' or 'popadoms' with the soup mixes. you make it with a little water until its a thick paste then spread it out thinly on teflon or baking paper ad microwave, they're lovely with a cup of boullion (my LLC tried to charge me £12 for the savoury drinks and boullion is the same thing!) i do them for about a minute, leave to cool then theyre really crispy like a cracker!

There are other recipes, just google light life recipes. It adds a little variation when you're starting to get bored. HOWEVER they do say to only 'cook' one pack a day as it can destroy some of the nutrients.

finally my personal favourite is a frozen milkshake.
I add a whole tray of ice cubes to my shaker, add some water and my shake pack and bled with a stick blender.
It takes a while to break the ice down but it'd thick and delicious and reminds me of mcdonalds milkshakes! I also find it fills me up for longer and is a good way to get more water.

After week one you will be able to have the bars, I got a lot of lemon bars as I have read you can make little biscuits from them (will give you the recipe if you want) However I had a nut fudge bar yesterday and it was just like a snickers... bloody lovely! and as you, like me, have a thing for whole nut you should enjoy them.
I will add that you should eat the bars slowly as they can cause bloating (I had this the first day of bar eating)

Any way I hope this helps and good luck to you!
If you ever feel tempted you should look at the inspirational slide show.
And take notice of the times of the day you would normally want to eat when you shouldn't... these are the bad habits you will need to break!

Bring on your first weigh in!

V x
Hey there everyone,

thanks to all for the advice and kind words, I just hope I can live up to all your amazing losses. Fingers and toes crossed eh ?

Well here we are at the end of day 1, days gone good i have to say. OMG I was sooooooooooooooo hungry earlier, I was walking through town and saw a kid with a mars bar, if I had no concience I could have grabbed it and thrown it down my neck in one go. I hate mars bars too lol, I was ok while I was at work because I was busy which was fabulous, it kept my mind from my hunger, I did so well drinking about 3 litres of water through out the day, praise the lord for the water flavours. Highly recomended to anyone whos thinking water is soooooo boring and how can i drink all that. easy you can with water flavours.

walking home from town after work I had no idea just how many food shops I pass on my way home, I'm not kidding when I say i walked past about 4 greggs, 2 subways (smelling devine i have to say), 7 pizza shops including one dominos, a fish and chip shop, a chinese buffet and about 3 kebab shops. Amazing what you notice when your hungry. I normally don't even notice them,

When I got home from work I was really hungry still, water didn't seem to be helping, I think this was proper hunger as i was drinking tins and it wasnt going away. I couldn't believe it as I was doing so well and had just navigated a crystal maze style food avoidance gauntlet. What did i go and do when i got in but stood in front of the open fridge and just looked, and looked and looked again. Thank god I couldn't bring myself to eat anything I even picked up a small packet of extra lean ham slices and looked at the carb content and the calories. thank god I gave myself a mental slap and I grabbed the kindle and went to read laid on my bed with a bottle of water. Not quite what I would normally do but this is all about breaking those old habits isn't it. Once I was laid on the bed with a good book I forgot about my hunger which was good and what I was hoping for, how pleased was I? that pleased that I fell asleep within about an hour, god I was knackered, suppose this is a side affect of this diet until my body starts using the fat stores up instead of carbs, it's the short term evil I have to say, just hoping to God I can stay as strong as everyone else has done, I'm sure it'll all be ok.

This morning after I made my porridge the jury was out, well it still is as I felt quite sick for a couple of hours after I had eaten it. Now I know these are not going to be a la carte tastey morsals (mores the pity) but I wasn't banking on feeling really sick. I'm just hoping it was a one off cos it tasted ok I have to say, well it tasted better than it looked lol. Plenty of water seemed to get rid of the sick feeling (well that and about 5 cigarettes Shhhhhh I'm meant to be cutting down).

the sick feeling made me think twice about having my lunch time shake, I plumped for vanilla which was gorgeous I have to say. Really thick and tasty nom nom nom.

Dinner after I woke up after my afternoon nap was the thai chilli soup with a good splatter of tobasco sauce, delicious, just like been in the thai restaraunt, really authentic tasting. yummy, yum yum yum, quite surprised about that and I think I'll be getting some more of those. supper was a chocolate shake done with ice and a done with a stick blender. really made a differance, just wish i could get away with taking one of those to work but i would have thought it would be frowned upon, suppose that coulld be my treat for the evening.

All in all I have had an eventful day and have made it through. Not without its problems and pitfalls but I feel I have successfully navigated them and avoided the death drop (yay me).

looking forward to day 2 now and hopefully things will start to get easier. really looking forward to the ketosis and the energy boost it gives you.

more tomorrow everyone, nite nite and sweet dreams to all.

Aww glad u had a good day and well done for resisting temptation! i got my WI at 10am.... and im not even tired yet.... grrr
I felt sick the first 3 days too... dont worry it will pass. as will the tiredness.
although when you are in ketosis you will get an energy burst! just be careful not over do it, I've found myself struggling to keep my eyes open after going running.
glad you liked the ice smoothy!

Good luck for tomorrow


Tough But Sexy X
Hi, it's true about noticing things you didnt before, I had a similar experience myself yesterday, well done for resisting. Once you get into Ketosis it gets easier.

I totally get the fridge thing, i would do it constantly. It now is almost empty except for milk, for my daughter and water for me. It is about breaking habits, mine was aslo TV adverts, so guaranteed when they came on I would get up and go to the kitchen. Found myself doing it intially when I started LL, but no longer do which is great.

Once you have had more CBT sessions they will help you with the crooked thinking and break the habits.

Weekends are difficult for me, noticed a few others on her have the same issue, keep yourself busy. Good luck!

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