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Had to go for the dreaded 'smear' this morning and the nurse commented on how pale I was.

She saw notes from the doctor earlier in the week, which made me chuckle as the Doc had recorded a 10st loss in 5 weeks (does it look like i've had major surgery pmsl!) instead of the 5st in 10 weeks, so anyway - was asked how i'd managed that and explained.

I got HUGE frowns, concerns voiced about it not being healthy to loose so much in a short space of time, to which I replied '..well just how healthy is it as 21st +..?"


She thinks I may be Anemic.

My eyelids are very pale, as are my lips and the inside of my mouth, and my skin does look washed out.

Came to work and looked it all up (the full syptoms of the condition) and I kind of ticked 8 out of the 10 boxes. In fact it could have been me writing a list of ailments of the last 2 weeks.

Step One

Examine your skin tone. Do you have very pale skin color? Even if you have a dark complexion, your lips may be pale and your skin may appear "washed out."

Step Two
Consider whether you are fatigued or irritable all of the time. These are common symptoms of anemia.

Step Three
Ask yourself whether you have frequent headaches or loss of appetite. These are usually early signs of anemia.

Step Four

Consider if you've been constipated - also an early symptom, and may occur without any change in dietary habits.

Step Five

Consider whether it is difficult for you to concentrate. This can affect your work and/or school performance.

Step Six

Ask yourself whether you're craving unusual foods. This is called pica, and you may find yourself craving very bizarre non-foods, such as soil and paper.

Step Seven

Take note of your moods. Anemia can bring on feelings of depression.

Step Eight

Consider whether you've been short of breath. Red blood cells are a vital part of the respiratory process, and this symptom may occur when anemia is moderate to severe.

Step Nine

Take note of whether you feel a sense of coldness in your extremities. This may be caused by poor circulation as a result of anemia.

Step Ten

As yourself if you've been feeling weak and/or dizzy. In severe cases, you may feel too weak to get out of bed, and dizzy when you do get up.

Having a full set of bloods done on Wednesday and shan't address this until the results are back with the Dr - but has anyone else suffered / been diagnosed?

I assumed I was getting ALL the nutrients and vitamin requirements my body needed in concentrated / condensed form with the packs / bars / tetras.

Is this a common side effect?

Think until my results are back and after the test I might have an extended AAMW with plenty of green veg.

Least I (probably) know why I am so tired and dizzy all the time :)

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Hi Ttey I hope thats what it is as it will be a relief to find out what the problem has been! And I may be wrong but I should imagine its just a case of taking iron tablets and then you'll be fine? Good luck


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S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
You should be getting all your daily iron requirements if you are having all your CD packs per day. Some people don't absorb iron very well. Your blood test should show up if you are anaemic and then if you are your doctor will deal with it.


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I have to admit that though CD was the only diet to get me to where I wanted to be, I also had anaemia, and was low in a number of other vits and minerals.

I couldn't understand it as I knew the shakes had everything I was suppose to need:confused: I also felt pretty rough on the diet and fainted 2-3 times.

When I got to goal and started eating, and at first added a vit and iron tablet, I couldn't believe how well I felt.

It occurred to me that maybe, despite being 5'6" because of my very large frame (and it is very large...not fat!!), perhaps I would have felt better on 4 shakes a day. I also have an immune disorder that might have meant I wasn't absorbing it all efficiently

Increasing your AAM with some extra greens sounds like a sensible idea. Wish I had thought of that!
my 15 year old has just been diagnosed as having anemia , she does not follow any diet , is not stressed , does not bleed heavily at the TOTM so it came as a shock to us , she is now on iron tablets to help resolve the situation .

dont be quick and blame it on the diet you are on , it could just be that you are doing to much at once and so it make you very tired , however being anemic should never go without being treated , but it shouldnt stop you from getting to goal .

forget the frowns and the tuts from you doctor !
she /he will soon be saying well done for losing weight and being so healthy !!!

all the best Sam xxx
I have always had slight anaemia and I wasnt on the diet when i was diagnosed so I wouldnt blame the diet and your right being overweight is far more unhealthy

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