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angel delight



Strutting her stuff
I think that the angel delight is 11 syns made up using milk. If you are taking the milk as a HEa then you can take some syns off that.

How much milk does it take to make it up and how much of the finished pudding would you be having in a day?
I ate the whole thing! Which was one packet made up with half pint of skimmed. Bearing in mind I didn't have any other 'a' that day so milk could be my hexA. Oooh 11 for whole thing.....yay!!!!!!!
Even better! This is my one weakness, I can stock up on free & superfree and still have a large bowl of my comfort food occasionally! Love this plan! Thanks circes!
Oooh enjoy, to me it's an indulgent treat especially the whole lot, so to find it's within syns is amazing!!
Have you tried the Weight Watchers dessert whips?

I got a banoffee flavour and a creamy chocolate flavour on offer from Lidl last week. They use 125ml of skimmed milk and make 2 69g servings for 2.5 and 2 syns a serving respectively.
is this 11 syns for any flavour packet? i wouldnt mind it as a treat eaither mmm :p
Only the no added sugar ones, haven't tried ww ones? They're not next to normal ones in my Morrisons so havent come across them? Do they taste like the real deal?
I think the WW ones are lovely. Obviously not as sweet as proper angel delight, but you can add your own sweetener etc. if you prefer.
I'd seen on another thread on here about it being powdery, but if it's whisked properly it's absolutely fine.
Makes a change to yogurt!

It's usually with the jellys and custards, in a packet similar to options, like a long flat tube.

Also seen Lidl do their own Linessa whipped dessert so might see if I can get that and try it this week.

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