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:) well i have my 3rd weigh in and stayed the same, but i have lost inches so my CDC says i must be holding water after my nite out, i am not worried i had a nice meal and also i have had bad consipation this week so holding on to that too lol, i will be happy if from now till after xmas i can stay the same at least i am a stone lighter than i was, and i know i can get straight back on it after a nite off, so i am looking forward to xmas now, as i was worried i might not be able to get back to the diet, so role on the 27 as from that day there will be no more excuses to eat, but i do intend to give my self a nite off occasionally, so i have set a date maybe the end of feb and i will have a nice meal out some where, so thats 8 weeks which will give me some thing to look forward to, this week i feel like i have got my energy back to almost what it was before, which is brll, i have done loads today, been gym for hour half, tidy up moved the front rooom around to make way for the tree, which i have put up, i have also filled two wheely bins with leaves so a very productive day i will be asleep early tonite i think lol, hope ever one else is doing ok xx
Hello Angie

just wanted to say a big hi! :) I am in Shropshire too so nice to meet another local CDer!

Well done on your progress so far, you are doing brilliantly.

Dont worry about this weeks little blip am sure it will sort itself out for next week. Hang on in there.

All the best

Deb x

Happy New Year To All,
well last nites good intentions flew out of the window after a couple of bacadies lol, buffet food made me eat it lol, pringles i can never resist, then that made me hungrey, so had sausage roles as well dipped in a dip lol, very tasty too, but i have been to the gym this morning and had a really good work out, had amazing energy there this morning dont know why, went to bed at 2.30, rang my son at 5am to make sure he wasnt late for work he was up, so i needent have worried, then got up at 8, so not much sleep.

So My Aims for the year are simple
1 to lose my remaining weight, (12st to start then see how i can go)
2 To get even fitter
3 Run a 5k (but that be later in year)
4 Would be nice to meet a man lol

So here we go it starts today no more cheeting, will only eat when allowed and my planned meal at end of 2 months
well back at work today, so much easier no time to think about food which is good and every one is on diets today so no one is snaking (but that wont last) , so had a real good day and the husks are working really well which has made me happy, couse if the constipation had continued i would have had to give up, but thank god for husks lol
Physillian husks on sale,sorry not spelt correctly lol, but on this site the are on sale 3.95 for a big tub 300gm, I bought some before from here and they deliver very quickly,
Hope usefull to someone
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well i have had sort of a good day, was at gym 1st thing did a good work out, but some one had some roses at work and i had 6 why i did it i dont know i just couldnt stop myself, but i am hopeing the gym will have cancelled that out lol
went again to gym , had a bad day water wise, was sat in a meeting for 4 hours so couldnt drink, i am trying to have more tonite but hate waking up for a pee, but day been good no cheets at all, feel very poitive today it can work and it will work x
another good day if uneventfull, nice early finish from work had a rest from the gym, will go in morning and take my time lol
hey your doing really well, and going to the gym i am impressed keep up the good work and keep us posted

all the best

kim x
Well went and got weighed, have lost 3Lbs, i thick if i hadnt had a baggett on sat and drinks , and a few drinks and buffet food on sunday it would have been more so ia m very happy , also another 5Lbs and i will be in another stone cant wait
I am feeling good the next stone is in sight that is motavation enough for me, also went to see my Dr today , my blood pressure is down and hes going to find out about a tummy tuck and arm reduction for me yippeeee, i am sticking to the diet well now after xmas back inthe routeen, which makes it easier,
well happy lost another 3 half pounds so it going down
well done angie x